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What The LORD Honors In Desperate Times — 4 Comments

  1. After 40 years of preaching and living life I found myself after giving so much to others in a place of drought, dryness and stagnation.  The battle scars are many, but I have never complained.  I had suggested to myself maybe its time to retreat and become a self made monk.  Through this prophetic word I found a place of relief and released myself and others.  May I rest in this place and recover to work again in God’s timing.  I am thankful.

  2. 1 Samuel 2:30 (NLT)
    “Therefore, the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I promised that your branch of the tribe of Levi would always be my priests. But I will honor those who honor me, and I will despise those who think lightly of me.

  3. I nearly fell off my chair when I got to the end of this. Today I pruned my rose bushes and brought in the last four flowers in my entire garden. They are sitting right here beside me, filling the whole house with an amazingly beautiful scent. I haven’t had flowers in the house in ages and this just reinforced the picture for me of praise and thanks wafting to heaven.

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