When Jezebel Is Your Mother!

When Jezebel Is Your Mother,
And You Are a Prophet!


As I was making my way to Kansas, God begin to deal with me again about a Jezebel mother.

Sometimes the situations that occur in our lives is because we just didn’t face the reality that we were birthed from a Jezebel lineage.

For some, the legacy of this spirit has shown up in our lives as a continual cycle, because often we refuse to face the reality of our mother being our adversary, throughout our lives.

The crippling effects of a Jezebel mother can be devastating and destructive spiritually, emotionally and mentally to a child birth under her corrupt nature.  Her controlling nature starts from the beginning of the child’s birth and she sets out to try and destroy and distort the identity of the child.

She distorts the character and development of the male child she birthed and sets forth a course of mentally assassination, to destroy the masculine mannerism of her son, so that he will become a eunuch, a outward shell of a man, but the inward mindset of a woman, so that she can create somebody to control.

A Jezebel mother hate the fact that she is a woman, so she tries to extract from the man, every character trait he has of masculinity so that you can obtain full control of him.

What we call a “mama’s boy” is really a man who has been spiritually, mentally and emotionally castrated by his mother.  If she births a female, she sets out to groom the female child to be a replica of her inner evil.

She begins to teach her to dislike herself and crave the power and authority of man’s headship.  She doesn’t allow her to form anything feminine about herself spiritually and naturally, because she wants her to hate who she is.

She hates her daughter, because she considers being born a woman as a weakness.  Most girls under the influence of a Jezebel mother may be tough and rough with others, but will be timid and fearful concerning her mother.

Most girls who grew up with Jezebel mothers experience rejection and insecurity about themselves and are constantly trying to gain the approval and love of her mother.  These girls have serious problems with men and will only marry to control.

If any of the children whom this Jezebel mother births is born as a Prophet, she will in all her power, attempt to corrupt the calling and anointing on their life from birth.

She will try to control the gift and use it for her advantage.  If the one born a Prophet rebels, they then become an enemy to her, and her wrath is directed toward them mightily.

Now the child doesn’t even get the pretense of attention and love that she deceptively gave, but instead of openness, to hate and curses to break their will so that they will surrender their will.

They will speak all kinds of false accusations and gossip concerning the child to bring them to submission.  They bring a ring of terror against their own child, even to the point of trying to turn family against them, with lies and deceit to keep them from walking from under their control.

Some of you are wondering why you are at odds with your mother since you have been born again.  It’s because now she don’t have that control over you, so she is doing all she can to make you feel alone unloved, unwanted, forgotten.  This is to drive you back into her arms.

Jezebel anger becomes enraged even greater when she can’t control your prophetic anointing.  For those who have a Jezebel mother, the battle for your release will be terrible and awful, because of the degree of warfare she will bring forth to make you bow to her, but know if the LORD is on your side He will break the chains of bondage and destroy the control and effects of that spirit that is rooted in witchcraft!

For deliverance, go to the root of the matter and take authority!  Have no fear.  Just know that the greater person lives in you and His name is Jesus.  Let Him help you to untangle the web of deception and bring you out of the wilderness of Jezebel influence on your life!

You have to disconnect from your own parents to get victory!  Remember, unless your mother is delivered and set free from this spirit, it will continually battle and war against you for control of your life.

Don’t underestimate it’s deception of sorrow it pretends to win!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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When Jezebel Is Your Mother! — 4 Comments

  1. Good morning Apostle Thomas.. This is so much for me, that I had to laugh when I saw the title. My mother is Jezebel at it’s prime and she KNOWS of the prophetic anointing on my life. She saw it when I was a baby and it began to “show” to other people in my family when I was 12. I’m 30 now.. She’s “been there” to witness and hear of all of my wilderness and “hiding in my cave” experiences, even heard of all of the training I’ve received from the lord in spirit realm as well as spiritual warfare. She’s saw how God began to reveal the jezebels around me.. But so strategic, the lord began to reveal my own family even her to me last after all of the experiences I’ve had with others.. She senses it now because I began to ask questions. Now she has been avoiding me and ignoring me
    .. Of course there is so much more in detail to my story, but I could really use some wisdom from a person more experienced and mature than I am. If you would be willing, please contact me mrslwoodard@gmail. God bless you in abundance. ❤❤

  2. Hi!  I agree!  I am not a controlling and manipulating person and always have been quiet, shy, and softspoken since birth.  I always knew my mother was like this, but i did not have the word for it, until God revealed it as jezebelspirit over time.  It has been a very long tiresome war and battle.  I believe it affected my brother (who is now deceased and my father also) quite bit.  I really love the lord. I am not a prophet, but i am trying to see clearly the will of God in my life. I need help!  Thanks and God bless.

  3. Obviously there can be many and varied manifestations of the same destructive Jezebel spirit through a parent. Strange also how it is likely the victim marries another victim of same, just to smash things along further.
    The disciples of Christ ought to be made aware of the things that can go horribly wrong especially those breaking into Christianity from pagan family origins.
    What a giant leap many of us take into trusting Yeshua but we are not equipped well enough to avoid or acknowledge depths of snares and traps laid out for us.
    Astoundingly the righteousness of Yeshua shines for all nations to see and know through the processes.

  4. It all makes sense now. I have a tough grandmother who raised multiple jezebel’s. My mother has such a corrupted spirit. No wonder my father is not around.

    I’ve met many in a similar position. Males who struggle with their masculinity and females with low self-esteem. Women who’ve married abusive men. Men who’ve embraced homosexuality. It’s a shame really. It makes it very hard to break away when they have it in them to deceive, lie, and humiliate.

    My dad managed to escape them but it was a struggle. He was not a pushover when dealing with crazy women. Unfortunately he resorted to violence in which he got in trouble with the law.
    But he has managed to get away.

    With the economy how it is at age 23 I’m having a hard time to breaking away from my mother because I’m financially independent.

    I have faith that I will overcome this. I’ve started praying and engaging in masculine activities. All that’s left is finding a full time job and I’m set.