When Less, is More


‘It was given unto me, who am less than the least of all saints,’  signed, Paul.

I can recall when there were those who were very displeased when this writing [Ephesians 3:8] was mentioned.  And they still are.  How could such a mighty man of God, be the least of all?  Why, he wrote so much of the New Testament, and such unspeakable revelations were given to him.  It was he who was chosen to bring the Gospel to the gentiles.  He wasn’t least?

Years ago, a noted family among us used to sing a song.  The title was, “I’m the least, in the kingdom of the Lord.”  Down through the years, many of our religion were from “across the tracks.”  We were not very affluent; so many were against us and we were ridiculed and talked about.  But we had the power of God, flowing so freely among us.  Back then, you could always tell when someone had the Holy Ghost.  There was this real glow on their face. It did not matter who they were or what they had; glory, was on their faces.

We often felt inferior; society and other churches scoffed at us.  We were taught, that no matter, we were the children of God, and that we were mighty in Him.  They taught us about knowing who we really were; that we were indeed from a royal heritage.  It was a well known fact, that we understood, that through Christ, there was nothing we couldn’t do.  But, success and notability caught up with us.  Somehow, we forgot, that without Him, we were nothing at all.  Many began to join, this “look at me” group.  Look at me now.

Just why did Christ tell Paul, “My strength is made perfect, in weakness,”  2 Corinthians 12:9.  Something seemed to disappear among us.  What about that old song that said, “Without Him, I could do nothing.  Without Him, I’d surely fail.”  I would be drifting, like a ship, without a sail.  The only way we are ever going to be like the Apostles, is to fully realize, we are the least; just as Paul said he was.  Oh, one can surely believe we are mighty; we can be.  But only so long as we remain humble, contrite, meek and lowly; as our Jesus was.

Exalting ourselves and others, only means, we are exalting ourselves and others; nothing more.  There is something so special about getting on our faces before the Lord.  The more we stay there, the more He can use us for His glory; the more spiritual we become.  Pride and self-approval, will not put there face there.  It might appear they do; but, it only appears that way.  How is it that those who admit they have nothing, are used the most by God.  I know who I am today, without Him.  When I am less, He moves.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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