When You Fall


No one is promised an easy road.  Most of us face the same twists and turns as other people do.  We seem to have a one-sided opinion of failing.

We often have a conflict in our belief systems.  Somehow, we picked up this spirit, that says if you have failed in one area, you fail in all.  It’s almost like, if you have committed one sin, you are guilty of other sins too.  I’m so glad in this hour, that I finally realized, that’s not true; it was never true.

We have many times heard certain verses, but never understood, that one word, can change the whole meaning.  That’s why we need the Spirit to guide us; our understanding must be opened, in every thing we read and study.  We’ve even misquoted some scriptures; we went on for years, not realizing that we missed something.

One quick example, is the verse that says, “Money, is the root of all evil.”  That’s not what it said at all.  It said “the love of money.”

As we see in our own world today, many is the number of those who will do anything for money.  They are in love with money.  Being very successful, doesn’t seem to satisfy these; they want more and more, and they’ll do anything they have to do to get it.

Lie, cheat, swindle, deal under the table, false advertising, shady or sneaky business practices.  The rest of the world could starve, be destroyed by their pollution, needy people don’t have food or good drinking water; none of it matters.  And they feel no remorse or true responsibility.

“Rejoice not against me, oh mine enemy.  If I fall, I shall arise.”  That’s not what it says.  It says “when” I fall.  If we take time to look, there are many scriptures that use these very same words.  It is a certainty, that in this life we live, somewhere, somehow, we are going to take a real tumble.

It can be physical, emotional and it can be spiritual.  There are two great lessons here.  One is that when I do go down, I’m not staying down . I’m getting back up.  It’s amazing what God will do when we repent; when we turn to Him contritely.

There are many times, when we might stumble.  One writer said, I was going down for the last time.  Thank God he found me, just in time.

The other great lesson here, is that we are not the only ones that have fallen.  I must be real, in that I have fallen many times.  And I was fairly sure, that I was not going to get up again.  It’s been said here recently, that when you fail, that is the very time when you find out just who your true friends really are.  Not admitting it or even confessing it to someone, means we might not get over it.

It might surprise some folk, that if we were honest enough and cared enough, we might save ourselves and others, a lot of pain and defeat.  God restores, whether anyone else does or not.  When any of the parts of the body of Christ, stop working fitly together, the entire body gets sick.

If we want mercy and forgiveness to be extended to us, when we make mistakes, then we have to give it to others who need it.  Just because we don’t admit our faults, does not mean we don’t have them.  Denial, can cause us to hit harder.

This may sound strange to some, but when you do your best to walk in the Spirit and follow His leading, something can happen.  God will send His angels, to lift you up in their hands, so you don’t go down too far.

A fall may be a hard lesson, but if we have a real heart toward Him, we can learn a great deal about our own journey.  We can’t be so harsh, about people who have been overtaken.  There are things we must do “lest’ it happens to us also.  We must help one another get back up.

There is too much work yet to do.  Amen


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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