When Zeal, is not enough

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When Zeal, is not enough
These signs, shall follow them
Following the Glory Cloud


When Zeal, is not enough

Some people have a lot of zeal; they really do.  They actually seem to believe in what they say; and they go about it eagerly; one can often appreciate their sincerity.  But we might take a look at something Paul said about those who were considered God’s people at that time.  He said, “For I bear them record, that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.”  It’s likely, that this comment did not set well with many of the day.  He went on to say, they are ignorant of God’s righteousness, and they go about, to establish their own righteousness.

What does the word “zeal” mean.  One particular definition says: fervent or enthusiastic devotion, often extreme or fanatical in nature.  There is one thing that this apostle made clear; they lack true knowledge.  Once more, we can be uneasy, when people quote parts of scripture, but do not use it all.  In the same chapter, he talked about the preacher.  We’ve said that you must have a preacher; and that is what it said.  But he also said a couple of other things.  They should preach the “word of faith.”  But how shall they preach, except they be sent?   We are aware, that not all people are called to preach, and many are not sent by God.  What else does it say here?

We like to cite, “beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace.”  We like that.  But we don’t hear anyone teaching, “but they have not all “obeyed” the gospel.”

Could that mean, what it seems to say?  It does.  You can preach the gospel, but not obey it yourself.  It’s easy to see today, why many would not let us talk about these things openly; and why it is not discussed more, even now.  We’ve all met these people.  They were not called, they were not sent, and they did not live by what they preached.  We really shouldn’t be disturbed by this kind of discussion; when it was plainly written about, in God’s Word; by Christ, and also by the Apostles.

Consider this. When someone stands up to teach a lesson, isn’t it usually sort of obvious, when they have not studied the material?  There is a certain sound to it; you can tell, that they haven’t prepared well.  God help me to say this in the right way.  Those who truly study God’s Word; those who also allow the Holy Ghost to teach them, have a much noted different kind of approach.

Can you say; their spirit is different; and their understanding is clearer?  When God has given you something, you don’t have to argue about it; you can reason things with others, without being offensive.  You don’t have to transmit a smug or condescending attitude.  You just don’t.

We who say we are called, are not approved unto God, if we don’t study.  And if we study, and we have asked the Spirit to teach us, we know how the true wisdom of God acts.  Our people are still destroyed, from the lack of knowledge.  And God help us, we can often destroy others, by our lack.

Zeal without knowledge, brings harm to situations and to other people.  If we have studied thoroughly, if we are approved unto God, if we are truly led of the Holy Ghost, we will not have an attitude, that many people do not want to be around; at church, at work, or at home.  We absolutely must be fervent and enthusiastic about our beliefs, but we must also have the depth that goes with it. Zeal without true knowledge, leads to self-righteousness.

These signs, shall follow them

I wonder what kind of signs are really following many of us?  What happens after we arrive at any given place; and what is said of us, after we have left?  It seems that once we had great faith.  We used to talk a lot about these signs; we actually expected to hear that such things were really happening.  I’ve found in my own life, when I stop hearing about certain issues, I have a tendency to not believe in them so much.  We once taught that faith, cometh by hearing.  What did we hear?

The hearing mentioned here, came from the Word of God.  I don’t wish to sound offensive, not in any way, but, it’s one reason why I am perplexed by all of these so-called power-point sermons; and these prepared talks that tend to promote self.

I have to insert here, that back in the day, we did not have the money to be running to the doctors for every ailment.  There was often even a great distance from where someone lived in the country, to a physicians office.  Even in the city areas, you didn’t constantly run to the doctor; you recognized that there was power, much greater than what any medical doctor here could do.  But the truth is, we heard about healing.

It’s a bit strange to see that things in life, have a way of coming full circle.  I am from the day, when there were three people you could trust with you life.  Your minister, your doctor and your attorney.  Remember, I said with your life!  You can’t do that today; or should we say, you’d best not.  It did become much easier, it seemed, to trust in the doctor, than to believe the old-fashioned way.  Meaning, calling for the elders of the church to anoint with oil, and pray.  We started putting more faith in the medical system.  It’s sad to say it, but so much is all about money today.  You’re being foolish, if you don’t get a second opinion, or even a third.  Some of us can attest, that you can pick up more sickness in a hospital, than what you already had.

People are, being healed today.  It’s often when we realize, that there is nothing else medicine can do, we rediscover anew, who the Healer really is.  I’m grateful for good doctors; I really am.  But what I’m talking about, is there signs we used to talk about.  I guess I shouldn’t shake the bush, and say that when the power of the Holy Ghost is around, evil spirits will also get cast out.  It might be a good time, to restate, that believers, will speak with new tongues.  But we have to hear it; it must be preached.  And it must come from God’s word.  We need to talk often, about the things Jesus did.  And we need to hear about “everything” the Apostles did; how they acted.

A call it going out.  I want to tell you the truth.  Some of us are desperately in need of a touch from the Lord.   I just visited a big Emergency Room with a friend who was very ill.  You’d better be looking out for yourself; whether you have insurance, or money or not.  Even the best, are producing less.  We need these signs we’re talking about here; more than ever before.  I see that the requests for prayer, that are made right here on FaceBook, just may be doing more good, than any other care one might receive.

Is it possible, that we once trusted and believed more, when we had no other choice?  My life has changed, when I had no one else to go to.  When we once more begin to depend totally on the Lord, these signs, begin to follow us.

Following the Glory Cloud

Some of us have seen some awesome things in our lifetime; we are witnesses of events, that should not be forgotten.  When I was a young lad, I was privileged to attend a state camp meeting.  It was in the summer, and the weather was extremely hot.  I can see it clearly now; a tabernacle with pine slat benches and a sawdust floor.

One day, the absolute Holy Ghost fell in an incredible way.  People were slain everywhere; all in the sawdust.  There was no shouting or running; I saw folks praying together, laying hands on one another; maybe several thousand souls, crying out to God and many in very deep travail.

From my place on the sawdust floor, I could see that there was actually a blue smoke, that hovered in the entire place.  There is no other way for me to describe it; it wasn’t dust; it was like being in some kind of dense cloud.  It was many years later, that I fully understood what that was.  The Spirit, had hovered down, intensely, over all those people.  It reminds me today, of the cloud that would come down in the Holy Place of Old and God would be in the cloud.  I am also reminded of the pillar of cloud that went before the children of Israel and they journeyed through the Red Sea and onward.  It seems proper today, to say that God’s people were following after the Spirit.  It always led them in the direction, they were supposed to go.

That cloud, the intense concentration of the Holy Spirit, cannot be made by any machine that modern man constructs.  No kind of electric lighting, can copy that cloud of Glory.  A dear lady here, reminded me of something I think a lot of people have forgotten or never realized.  These fleshly bodies that we reside in, could not take the full power of the Holy Ghost.  Even a small taste, is enough to slay someone, for hours.  Moses, had to wear a vale or a mask of some kind, as he looked toward God.  Even so, it was written, that his face shown with a bright glow; many days afterward.  I, and many more, are witnesses to what it looks like, for the glory of God, to be shining on people’s faces.  People saw it on them; everywhere they went.

What we need in this hour, is the mighty presence of the Holy Ghost, to completely saturate the places where we meet.  Whether it be in some kind of building, in a house prayer meeting, or even when we pray at home alone.  It is impossible to copy the true presence of the Holy Ghost.  And no matter how many smoke machines or platform stage light shows anyone wants to construct, it won’t work. It does not look the same, and it most certainly doesn’t feel the same.  Mighty wonders and miracles happen, when the Holy Spirit is given our full, undivided, attention.  Others, have seen that kind of Glory Cloud; because, we were supposed to see it.

I was stirred to remember something a brother said in a post here in the past few hours.  It’s about the forces of darkness, being able to perform great signs and wonders in the days ahead; and they will deceive many.  It does no good, to argue when we think all of this prophecy will come to pass; how soon it might be.  The fact is, it’s coming.  And from what we see in all the worlds events, it’s occurring at breakneck speed.  To remain in denial, means to be unprepared and poorly equipped.  If others choose to shake off the need for knowing things in the Spirit, and for following His leadership expressly, we must let them do what they do.

We must keep our eyes on Him, not them.

Let the full power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost be revealed.  We truly are witnesses; for such a time as this.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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