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Where We Are Now in the Book of Revelation? — 4 Comments

  1. I just discovered Amazing Grace was written on a slave ship from the crown of England selling Black Hebrew Slaves to Freemason/Mormons in America. Check out the Blackhawk massacre Now you know why Hitler flew the Native American peace sign and why there were so many Italians playing Native Americans in Hollywood.  I also found out the Nephilim returned in our Bible after the flood and a piece of that Muslim rock is under the queen of England‘s sacred throne. I also found out that my preacher of 14 years is a Freemason. So after finding out who the hat man was and who put that thing on me from nine years old to 17 years old for prosperity through the prosperity Preachers. I believe 100% you are correct where we are at in revelations. Charlatans/dark age Egyptian demons are being used. If our 10 Commandments say we are supposedTo have our sabbath on Saturday Why are we going on Roman pagan son God Sunday and why is Helios is pyramid in the Grand Canyon in Arizona? Yes that’s who’s on our money and no that is not our God. We need to separate worldly and godly we are living in sodom and Gomorrah. America is Rome. Has anybody heard of the Anti Mason Movement the in the 1820s? Son’s of god’s Means fallen angels. Don’t let them tell you you are a little guy. You are not

  2. Please look up Dr. Steven Jones at God`s Kingdom Ministries his blog site for Aug 2021.  He talks about the anti-christ as part of the vaccine that will eventually be killing off part of the world population and subject us to the rule of the anti-christ.  Could this be true or is this another rabbit hole for believers?

  3. Isn’t it great that we have the Bible to inform us that we are right at the time of the end… as the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Just hope I’m cosidered worthy to make it through, along with many, many more.

  4. God Bless for the words u wrote upon this page, an understanding as of now, surpasses all of his words, fear of the father should make the study a much stronger passion to run after, for truth sets the soul free, amen an thank u.

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