Who Hath Ears To Hear?


There are times when we might feel that we don’t have the strength to be used of God.

This feeling might arise from a weak body, undeserved stress, a weariness of our spirit or perhaps a lack of sleep or rest.

It is in these times, that we must and can be honest with God.  Do you know that it is okay to say to Him, that we can’t do this? ….. I’m not even functioning at my best for the moment!

But if the Holy Ghost wants you or needs you, the strength will come.

Has anyone of us ever asked just how many times that Jesus made this important proclamation, in the writings of the four Gospels?

Are we even aware of what He was talking about when He ended his message in such a manner?

Or could it be, that He dropped these words in several places, just to catch our attention?

You can’t help but get the idea, that some folk were not really listening.  Were they only there for the food or to see the miracles.  But most there, were spiritually hungry.

It’s a fact, that The LORD spoke phrases right in the middle of talking about something, that had nothing to do with the story at hand.

Words just placed there; words having great power that often times were skipped over by those of us who read it.

It’s only when you genuinely desire to follow and listen to the Spirit, that those sentences will suddenly jump out at you.

It’s kind of hard to believe, that many are bored or not interested, when you speak the truth of God hiding things in His Word.

In the last Book, Christ spoke to 7 churches in the form of John’s writings.  He had a special message for each one of them; some very good things and some very bad things.

It is of utmost importance today, that we see clearly here.  At the end of each exhortation, He spoke the same words. “He that hath an ear, let him hear.”

Let him hear what?  “What the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

Throughout the New Testament, The LORD of all, kept telling us that we needed to hear.  Well, do we?

Do you know what The Spirit is saying to the Church today?  Even at this very moment?

Are we to assume that The Holy Ghost stopped speaking to the church of our time?  Stopped giving direction, instruction and much needed teaching?

If those in authority, and, those in the pew, are not seeking to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost, then they could not possibly hear with clarity, what He is saying.

You see, we follow Him; He does not follow us.  You can’t lead the Spirit.

What can we hear in The Spirit in this hour?

The people are the Church… no people, no church!

They are qualified and chosen to hear what The Spirit has to say.  It is an indwelling ability that comes from being filled with The Holy Ghost.

These words, fully imply, that we should hear The Spirit.  And yes, He should be speaking to us now.  Through God’s word, through chosen vessels, through prayer and intercession.

The Spirit spoke to people throughout the entire Bible; they heard Him.

What is The Holy Ghost saying to you today?

What is He saying to whatever church you attend?

Is He being given full attention and authority to speak and act as He wishes?

No censorship, no man-made design or at the direction of men.

Most of all, can you hear The Spirit for yourself?  And before that, are we listening?

Do we truly want to hear?  Can we fully realize just how vital it is to hear The Spirit in these last and troubling days?

Could we be missing the Glory and Realm of The Spirit, the deeper places, that’s given to those who hear?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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