Who, Shall Be Able To Stand?

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Who, Shall Be Able To Stand?

When is it appropriate to tell people how you really feel?  How much can you share here?  There are those of us who would certainly like to speak our mind; it does seem that some, have no problem with shelling out the corn.  And like we used to say, let the chips fall, where they may.  If we are truly trying to follow the leading of the Spirit, you can’t always do what others do.  But it doesn’t mean, you don’t want to sometimes.

Alright, let’s try it.  Before I start, let’s quote a scripture; and it says this: “Be angry, and sin not,”  Ephesians 4:26.  And I’ve felt myself getting angry at times lately.  It’s about the time we are in; where we are now.  More and more, I don’t like it, when I think about so many of the things I was taught, that were not truly required by the New Testament church.  And I think about how people we trusted, took man-made ideas and made doctrines out of them; condemning people to banishment from the church or to hell, if they did not comply.  And didn’t care.

I think of how those who were supposed to be close to us, passed our house, and never even stopped to see how we were.  How so many of us wandered lost, thinking God did not love us; that Jesus had forsaken us.  But I pretty much got over all that; it took quite a long time and a lot of work, and I got to know my Jesus, so much better than I had before.  So what is it that shakes me now. It’s the time we are in.  The fact that we were assured, that we would be gone from this Earth by now; we wouldn’t see much tribulation, at all.  And here we are on the brinks of it, and people are not ready.

I was just reading in Revelation, chapters 5 and 6.  There is a word I am scared to use on here; don’t speak it out, please.  It’s some kind of number, we could get in our hands and foreheads.  Let me tread lightly.  I don’t want to say we are, distracted; it’s so very far beyond that.  When one of the seals was opened, by the Lamb, this one certain rider on his horse, was given the power, to remove peace from the Earth . Where are we?  A great number of the Bride of Christ, was falsely rocked into believing, we would all be just swept out of here.  Eventually, we came to fold our hands, and wait.

Then the anger passes swiftly, and I begin to weep.  I begin to hurt for those who won’t know what to do.  Oh, revival’s coming.  But it is not the revival many shout about.  There are some things that must happen first.  We’re going to have to revive, yes revive, some very important things, that we have let go; maybe even let die.  Forget the things we’ve always argued over; there are principles we no longer have, or never had.  We’ve denied people salvation; and too many of us don’t love one another; much less other people.  It will take tribulation, we’ve never known.  Who, shall be able to stand?

Yield to the Spirit

A “word” from the Lord, is not really that complicated.  I think we somehow misrepresent this gift, unless we call it by its proper name.  It’s a “Word of Wisdom,” or it is a”Word of Knowledge.”  It’s not, a three page letter, or a wordy in-depth dialog about someone’s past, present and future.  It is also, not a long, drawn out sermon or lengthy dissertation.  It’s just what it is; a word.

Before some decided to cut the tap of living water off, it was easier to flow in the Spirit.  There was a full knowledge of something that too many have drifted away from.  And it’s the fact and Truth, that the Holy Ghost can do more in a moment, than we can in a lifetime on our own.  Just a few words under the anointing of the Spirit, can be a well of life, to another brother or sister.  We don’t even have to know, what the Holy Ghost is saying; but this anointed utterance, is clearly understood, by the person it’s given to.  And it’s awesome.

Why would it be, that the Spirit, would start out sharing this topic, in such a way.  I feel, it’s because somebody needs to know, or be reminded, that it is not that difficult, to be used by the Holy Ghost.  If we earnestly seek His face, truly desire to follow the way only He leads, if we study and pray, and desire spiritual gifts for the right reason, He will use us; over and again. Many, already have gifts.  I feel led again, to say, that you haven’t lost them; they did not go anywhere.  It may be only a matter, of stirring them up; that’s, truth.

Contrary to what some are presenting and promoting in their type services or their oratory, the word “yield,” was a very important and necessary action.  When we were helping to pray people thru to the Holy Ghost, we encouraged them to yield themselves, to the Spirit they were feeling.  We taught this. Saints as well as clergy, had much more freedom to yield to the Spirit.  What a joy that was.  I see some new people coming along, who are desiring to be used of the Holy Ghost.  And, I see some older saints, and possibly even retired ministers, feeling the unction, sensing the urgency of the hour, and something is attempting to arise within them once more.

We are going to have to forget what some people think.  If the very system we are in, is seeking to hinder the flow of the Spirit and to prevent folks from yielding to what the Holy Ghost wants them to do, it’s time to re-evaluate.  Many genuine Spiritual actions, are going to be revived; no matter how much men try to stop it.  Upon this rock, I will build “My” church.  If we have to find another field to move to, in order to have freedom in the Spirit, so be it.  Some of us, are rusty.  We haven’t exercised our gifts in the Spirit in a while, and our senses, are a bit dull, from lack of use.

Yield, to Him now.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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