Who’s The Enemy?


As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

Men, are more evil than ever; the love of money, has taken over much of our land, and all over the world.  It’s not recognized for what it is; it has tried to attract all of us, in any way it could.

Today, we are asked to choose between the rich, and the richer. It may be a long time yet, before we realize that we have been deceived; distracted and had.  It’s as it was then.

“If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things I write unto you, are the commandments of the LORD.”   So much was written about what it was going to be like now.

Deception, does not happen overnight.  It is usually an extended process, so that most do not know it is even happening.  Could it be, that many who do realize that we have gotten way off track, are too proud or too ashamed to admit it?

The next verse here, says quite clearly: but if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.  The cities of old, would have been in a dire place, if it had not been for the watchmen.  It would not occur to so many now, that walls have been built, to keep the truth out.

Since we are at this place today, not everyone knows how it feels when so many refuse to hear you.  You know that a message has been placed upon your heart by the Spirit; yet it falls on many deaf ears.

When we silence the full ministries, we silence the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Oh, it’s not that the Spirit could not speak if He wished; but He does not compete with men.  Why would He appear where people are not hungry for Him; where too many ears have been dulled?

Unless, He chooses to speak judgment.  The Spirit does not follow men.  The commandments of men have nothing to do with God; it’s not the Holy Ghost.  How many places were we warned, in the writings of the apostles?   Was it not Jesus, who spoke of it first?

Where the true order of the church has been shifted or lessened by men’s desire to control, there will be no correction.  If all of the ministries are not operating in the churches, then the church is out of order.

This idea that we as individuals, can be 5-in-1, is certainly false teaching, and false doctrine.  Pastors using other pastors to preach their revivals is a man-made operation.

If all of the church had been allowed to grow in fullness, there would not be such a need for over-lapping.  Each ministry is a full load; all by itself; all working in unity together with the others.  God, set it up that way.

Too many times, it is men and women who are causing so much harm to the body of Christ.  They are enemies of the cause of Jesus Christ, and His church.

With human resources and the forces of evil behind them, much hurt and damage is done.  Sheep or even the prospective sheep, are driven out; left to be maimed and destroyed by the cares of this life, and the wiles of the devil.  The lack of real love and compassion, is a lack of having Jesus working in us.  We cannot pass over the teachings of Christ, and be true apostles.

Without authentic spiritual discernment, we most often will not know, who the enemy is.  Only through the Spirit, can you know the real person.  Why would we be warned of perilous times, if they were not truly coming in these days?

Was so much time and effort wasted by the apostles, in teaching us the need for being alert in the Spirit.  If we cannot acknowledge that Jesus spoke of these times, before the apostles did, we have missed the greatest source of truth.

Even though others had loved him dearly, Paul became their enemies; because he told them the truth.

Can you see in the Spirit, today?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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