Why are We in Ministry?

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Hiding Behind a Mask?

Leaders, know that there are persons who will attach to you, who are hidden behind a mask.

Often they come with motives to seek you out to either used you for a platform launch or to gain some personal information that they think can destroy you.

These persons come moving fast in your life becoming involved with every area they can access to you to get what they want quickly.  The problem arises when they realize that their mask is falling off and their realness is being revealed to you.

This is when they will begin to attack you viciously, with words to bring discredit to you, so that those whom they have attached to through you, will turn against you, rather than see who they really are.

Often during my time in ministry, I have people who will turn against me when they realize I can’t be control, or that they didn’t really have me fooled.

Often I give people a chance to try to get themselves together when they connect to me.  Many don’t know that God told me my ministry would be a last chance before judgment or discipline comes upon them, because they refuse to deal with their issues.

He has given me a love and patience in ministry to labor but when He tells me to step back and leave a person alone I certainly do that.  Nothing will make me disobey The LORD when He gives me instructions about anything.

People have tried for years to destroy me, so talking about me, saying things about me, trying to discredit and destroy my name are elementary trials.  I flick them away like a gnat.

What people don’t understand is, when you allow God to process you, then He conditions you and builds you in every area of your life.  He teaches you how to endure hardness how to take blows how to stand under pressure how to love your enemies.

The preparation for ministry is greater than people think.  It’s not an overnight process but a journey of purging pruning preparing uprooting molding shaping breaking.  Deliverance mindset changing is all included.

Experience has taught me as well as others that persecution attacks and warfare will come, but we will always be victorious, because God is on our side!

People, learn that people come into your life for various reasons.  Just know the reason and you will be able to handle the separation the disconnection the dismissals the betrayal the verbal attacks the character assassination.

You will know when you are about to be launched in your worldwide setting when you go through your greatest public humiliation.  It always come before a great promotion.

I serve notice on the enemy again I AM PROVEN IN MINISTRY.   Nobody can stop me, nobody hurt me, nobody take me down but God!  And by the way for those who are concerned and I know you love me and want to protect me from those that come against me, because people talk about me or walk away from me and say and do ugly vicious stuff, be assured I am not worried, I am not afraid, I am not bothered, so don’t let it disturb you.

I am like Nehemiah and I won’t come down to deal with foolishness or craziness.

Some people are just miserable and need you to be miserable with them.  Learn that the enemy brings distractions to make you lose focus to get you off track to stop you from moving forward don’t let the enemy have that much power in your life.

Keep it moving and know The LORD is on your side and He is working things out just for you!

Why are We in Ministry?

Ministry is beyond a elaborate building and special ordered pulpits.  It’s beyond just preaching and prophesying.

Where are the laborers who are willing to go to the hospitals and pray for the sick without making a media spectacular show about it?

Where are those who feed the hungry without broadcasting it live to enhance your image?

Where are those who will reach out to the homeless with more than prayer?

Where are those who will see about the widows without preying on them for financial gain?

Where are those who will influence the life of a child that has no father or mother in their life?

How about we remember that ministry is more than being on radio and television and making business cards and getting speaking engagement with ridiculous honorariums?

What would we do if The LORD tells you, that you can’t get a love offering or a five star hotel or to fire all your armor bearers and just go and do His will without the perks?

Would we yet be willing to go and do the will of the Father?

I’m just asking: Why are we really in Ministry?

~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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