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Why You Need to Be Led by the Holy Spirit — 3 Comments

  1. The premise set forth in this post is so very true!  Where the church has strayed from the narrow path is directly related to the squelching of the holy Spirit in the assembly.  However, the apparent lack of books that we presume, is directly the result again of men in the church who have worked to squelch the truth & control the church.  For those who are serious true seekers of the Way, I share the instruction Jesus gave those of us once who were part of a small prayer group that prayed together to ‘move mountains’ & stop major destruction from prematurely unfolding in this nation.  The Lord Jesus asked us to go buy the book called Pistis Sophia, & for each of us to read it.  It is all about Him & what He said to the early disciples after His resurrection.  I ran into another true believer recently from northern Arkansas, who confirmed this to me when the Lord told her about this book, including the many books known as the ‘gnostic writings’- that “these books are for the few, & the bible is for the many.”  If you are truly a seeking believer led by the holy Spirit, then there are yet many awesome & amazing works yet to be discovered & assimilated.  Cheers.  rick

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