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  1. Lord, I pray you strengthen my sister in Christ, Yolanda. May she see the walls come down…worship Yolanda! Worship Yolanda because your victory is at hand! The battle is won. Love you my sister in Christ. Read Joshua 6:1-8, 17 and 7:1. My apostle just preached that sermon today!

  2. I stand in agreement with you, sister Yolanda, and all my brothers and sisters-in-Christ here. God’s Word in Isaiah 53:4-5 promises us that by His stripes, your son is healed of his autism, and by His wounds, your son is made whole! Amen!

    In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we rebuke the demons that come against the family of sister Yolanda Ballard. We bind you all with the precious Blood of the Lamb, and we cast you out of her family and home in Jesus’ holy Name. We smash you with the mighty hammer of God’s Word of jugdment that breaks a rock into pieces, and we destroy you with the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit of God! We command this by faith in Jesus’ powerful Name, for all power and authority has been given to Him by the Father, and this same power and authority, the King has given to His Bride!


  3. Sister, I stand in the gap for you and with you. Your son is healed already. Contend for the promise no matter what it LOOKS like. Isaiah 53:5. He will renew your strength in Jesus’ name.

  4. stand firm woman of God! Your break through is coming! Faith is being resurrected in a new way in your life for the promise ! Hold onto it with both hands and know that you are loved and cherished by your creator and king! There are many of us out here who appreciate your ministry and know that God is moving in and through you! Relax and let the living waters flow through you! Remember he is a good husband! He always takes out the trash! Love you

  5. My Dearest Yolanda, I am standing with you and am in complete agreement about total healing for your son. Thank you for this uplifting and much-needed message. The enemy has launched a full-scale attack against all of us, but Almighty God reigns and He is in full control. We have the victory regardless of what is looks like. Let’s remember He IS Jehovah Rophe,The God Who heals. God bless you INDEED.

  6. Yolanda, I will pray with you for your son.  Please pray for mine as well.  He is going to be 21 in March and also is autistic.  His name is Caleb.  And I believe the Lord’s Word to me 20 years ago was that he will take his mountain.  He will go in, even against the giants in this land!!!

  7. Prayers for the veil to be loosen for him to see more clearly in this World and not just when we see him in Heaven as a perfect child of God. Amen.

  8. What would Jesus the Anointed said? Woman, let it be according to your faith! We need to follow Him. We are send by Him to heal and deliver and set free and to encourage…how be it that we will stand i His name, in His authority and not do and speak forth as He would and will? Woman, may it be according to your faith! May your son be free indeed! May your son be healed and set free and totally delivered in the name of Jesus Christ the Anointed and Lord of lords, King of kings the Messiah! Amen. Amen. Amen. Do not be moved. Mountains, Epilepsy and Autism I command you both to move into the sea in Jesus Christ name! Go! Go! Move and be no more! Become level in Jesus Chrust name. Become a plain and be no more in front of the Lord God Most High….in front of them that speak in His name and command you to leave, flaten, dissappear go under Jesus Christs feet as His footstool. In Jesus Christ name! Amen! Amen! Hallelujah Amen! The Spirit of the Lord rise as a flood against the enemy and the enemy scatters in various directions in Jesus Christ name. Abba Father, thank you in Jesus Christ name. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Xx

  9. I will be praying for you. I have been standing for the restoration and reconciliation of my marriage these past few months and I am very much encouraged by your message! God can and will bring healing! I claim and receive breakthrough and healing in my marriage, other marriages, and physical healing and strength to others in Jesus name! AMEN

  10. I was lead by the Lord early this morning at 1:00am to pray for you. The Lord loves you and He is so very near your brokeness. He is right at your side. He will manifest, don’t give in.

    I have been though many physical trials and have been a caregiver for my father, mother abd husband. I was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 and am still going through chemo… If it weren’t for the fact that i believe this crazy stuff has been sent to me for the very reason of saving a soul, i would have given up a long time ago.

    So in closing your ministry is so very important right now.. You have no idea what effect you have on individuals that read your prophecies. May you have a break in caregiving and be refreshed this seaon.

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