Wind, for the Final Stretch


The enemy is coming in strong because he knows his time is up and that he is losing his grip.  So now he is pulling in his big guns for enforcement because he doesn’t want to give up without putting in his last fight.

Even though he is coming on strong, he is making many stupid moves which is bringing him out of obscurity.  He has stayed hidden for many years, playing dormant giving little trouble in this process, but now the panic is on, and he is moving in ways that is giving away his identity and now that he is showing his ugly head, he is getting blasted right and left.  Even though it might feel like we are getting the black eye, he’s the one who’s getting it! What he means for harm is working for our good.

Father,  I pray that You will strengthen us in this battle and bring reinforcements and gird us up even stronger than ever before.  Refresh us with the wind of Your glory.

Breathe in us, Most Holy Spirit, bring new life to us and lift us up.  Give us the strength to let out the victory shout and dance upon injustice.  Strengthen us and unite us together and refresh our vision of what is right around the corner for us.

Give us wisdom and discernment and join us together as a mighty army.  Even though the enemy has tried to divide us, let’s cast off the lies of the enemy and the petty differences, and yield to our most powerful force and that is His love.


Cry out in travail for birthing is right at hand.  Press down and push and let God’s Spirit move through us like a mighty tidal wave.  His glory will remove the dross and all the impurities, all that has dammed up His river.

Let it go now.  Let’s all unite and let out that victory shout and watch the walls fall down.  All that has held His people in captivity, shout it down.  Press in like never before for this is the day of Jubilee.  This is the day for breakthrough!  Claim it and receive it and back down for nothing.

Stand with me in my personal battle with my son who is close to 42 years old battling autism and epilepsy.  I know he has a calling on his life that he will travel around the world preaching and sharing his testimony.  In the natural this is impossible.

The enemy has come on strong against his physical body.  He has had several falls on his head.  The Lord has preserved him through them all, but it has been hard on me seeing him go through this fire.

Also demons are manifesting violently against Levi and me and my husband.  I am his main care giver and not a big person and have been worn down because of giving him supervision through the night.  I have been missing fellowship with strong Christians with faith.

Even those who I have reached out to have given me things to have to overcome in their comments.  The battle is on, and I don’t want to give up until I see the manifestation of my son’s total healing and deliverance.

Please pray for my strength and that literally the Lord will give us wind for this final stretch.


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.


Wind, for the Final Stretch — 12 Comments

  1. Lord, I pray you strengthen my sister in Christ, Yolanda. May she see the walls come down…worship Yolanda! Worship Yolanda because your victory is at hand! The battle is won. Love you my sister in Christ. Read Joshua 6:1-8, 17 and 7:1. My apostle just preached that sermon today!

  2. I stand in agreement with you, sister Yolanda, and all my brothers and sisters-in-Christ here. God’s Word in Isaiah 53:4-5 promises us that by His stripes, your son is healed of his autism, and by His wounds, your son is made whole! Amen!

    In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, we rebuke the demons that come against the family of sister Yolanda Ballard. We bind you all with the precious Blood of the Lamb, and we cast you out of her family and home in Jesus’ holy Name. We smash you with the mighty hammer of God’s Word of jugdment that breaks a rock into pieces, and we destroy you with the flaming fire of the Holy Spirit of God! We command this by faith in Jesus’ powerful Name, for all power and authority has been given to Him by the Father, and this same power and authority, the King has given to His Bride!