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The LORD Says: Winds of Change Are Blowing! — 3 Comments

  1. This validates yet another dream he gave me few nights ago…i was invited to stay in a very prestigious wealthy family’s home. All of the sudden a fast and furious mighty wind,the likes of which has never been seen came upon the whole world. at first we tried to close the doors and deadbolt them,but they would not lock and could not hold them closed. And in the wind was light, a light also which had never been seen. And in the light i saw visions of unexplainable and inconceivable things they were happening in an inconceivable speed,also In the light was also music but also at same speed. all could see and could not explain or understand. After several minutes it stopped and me and the father of the house looked at each other in amazement both proclaimed our suspicion that it was the anticipated wind of the holy spirit pouring out the powers of the age to come. I awoke in amazement and excitement knowing something extraordinary is immediately ahead.

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