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Witches and Warlocks in the Church — 2 Comments

  1. Southern Women

    I was experincing spritual attacks by the emeny for several years now. Yes learnng to understand what i am up against by dealing with thses parnormal haunting of spritual atttacks. Ialso learn that wizards and others evil forces are real out their into our todays world. Ialso know about the churches by listening to strong leadrs speak about churches that not knowing of being under theses spritual forces of being under controled through the word of god. Pray as one said how long that the request might take but self perverance and self persistant keep at it as long to take to get a break through . Within 3 years give it appointment time for it to return.But we are the hunted and we need daily prayers at all time. Sincerely Southern Women

    • Yes.It is a strong spiritual warfare, and religious war. We have felt it over here. And groups are joining forces.
      I wish you blessings

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