Woe Unto Him Who Goes Down to Egypt for Help!


I read today, again, a warning the Lord has given me in the past.  It is a very real warning for RIGHT NOW IN AMERICA, and is a message to the Church.  It is a warning to the People of God for Now.  DO NOT TURN TO EGYPT FOR HELP


Read these Words:

ISAIAH 31:1-4   WOE TO THEM THAT GO DOWN TO EGYPT FOR HELP; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and the horsemen, because they are very strong; BUT THEY LOOK NOT UNTO THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, NEITHER SEEK THE LORD!
Yet he also is wise, and will bring evil, and will not call back his words: but will arise against the house of the evildoers, and against the help of them that work iniquity.
Now the Egyptians ARE MEN, AND NOT GOD; and their horses flesh, and NOT SPIRIT.  When the Lord shall stretch out his hand, both he that helpeth shall fall, and he that is holpen shall FALL DOWN, AND THEY ALL SHALL FALL TOGETHER.
For thus hath the Lord spoken unto me, Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him, he will not be afraid of the voice, nor abase himself for the noise of them: so shall the Lord of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion and for the Hill thereof.”

Now the Scripture is clear here…  Abraham went down to Egypt looking for help and almost lost his Wife (who he, out of fear… said was his Sister) to the Pharaoh, and He almost lost his life as well.  It is a mistake to go to the UNGODLY FOR HELP.  You will go out of fear and helplessness, thinking there must be help here… But as Abraham, you will end up telling lies to cover your tracks.

And, Remember the Story of Joseph.  He was sold into Bondage as a Slave to the Egyptians by his brothers who did hate him.  Later Joseph did rise in Egypt to a great standing, not because he was in Egypt but because he was blessed by God.  He had found himself there NOT BY CHOICE but by his jealous brothers who meant to do him harm.  Later, the same Brothers along with their father and family CAME DOWN TO EGYPT LOOKING FOR HELP IN TIME OF FAMINE.  The fact was they needed food.  THEY HEARD THERE WAS FOOD IN EGYPT so thus they came.  The whole story ENDED UP …  THAT THEY DECIDED TO STAY IN EGYPT.  Is this not the case?  When we GO TO THE WORLD FOR HELP WE GET CAUGHT IN IT AND BECOME SLAVES TO THE WORLD.  The Family of Joseph, THE BEGINNINGS OF ISRAEL, became the SLAVES OF THE PHARAOH and did serve him over 400 years!!  GOD HAD TO COME AND GET THEM OUT OF BONDAGE.  God sent a man named Moses to bring JUDGMENTS UPON EGYPT.. TO SET THE PEOPLE OF GOD FREE.

Many who call themselves “Christians” in America HAVE ALREADY GONE DOWN (MANY YEARS AGO) TO EGYPT for help.  They have turned to the world and NOW FIND THEMSELVES SLAVES TO THE SYSTEM.  (The Ungodly System in America)  Just look at the PITIFUL SHAPE THE PROFESSING CHURCH IS IN AMERICA.  Just open your eyes and see the CONDITION OF SLAVERY in the Church in America.  They suffer at the hand of the Egyptians.  They literally are SLAVES TO SATAN.  The fact is they need help most miserably.

Now God has began a RISING OF A MIGHTY ARMY FROM EGYPT.  He is calling His people to come out of EGYPT.  Back to the CANAAN LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY.  But the people in Egypt are STILL IN BONDAGE.  They are like those who Moses found that HAD TO BE CONVIENCED…. THAT GOD HAD EVEN SENT MOSES.. THEY DOUBTED.  The first three PLAGUES sent by God through Moses DID AFFLICT THE PEOPLE OF GOD ALONG WITH THE EGYPTIANS.. It was not until LATER ON, after the Judgments did continue to come, that they did SEE THE TRUTH THAT MOSES WAS SENT FROM GOD AND THAT GOD WOULD DELIVER THEM.

Now, many Spiritual leaders in America are STILL GOING DOWN TO EGYPT FOR HELP.  It is a very clear truth that a MUSLIM  OR… A MORMON can NOT get them out of Bondage.  To vote for either one is like GOING DOWN TO EGYPT FOR HELP.   Only one who is FREE CAN SET MEN FREE.  It does not take a rocket scientist to prove this.  JESUS SAID THE BLIND WILL LEAD THE BLIND AND THEY BOTH WILL FALL IN THE DITCH.  What part of this do you not understand? 




Prophet Ken Dewey

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Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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