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Word of the LORD for 2017 — 4 Comments

  1. Last year I heard the Lord say: “This next year (2017) will be a good year for the things of God!” Meaning salvation, deliverance, healing, etc.

    Last year West Virginia was experiencing revival, the floods came and hindered it. The Lord said that revival is coming to West Virginia again. He said nothing would hinder it. It would lip over into Ohio. I was also told that the revival last March in Williams was real. It was from Him.

  2. I was told last year from the Lord, this (2017) will a good year for the things of the Lord. I also heard at another time from God, revival is coming again to West Virginia! Last year it was hindered by the flood waters (June), and God said nothing would stop this move; it would lip over the border into Ohio.

    The other morning I was awakened and I heard loudly: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of God and His Son!” This comes from Revelation 11:15. This means the tables are being turned on the enemy! Praise God and His Son!

  3. Woman of God thank you for sharing this powerful word of the Lord with us and may the Lord continually pour out His heart to you to make known His will in the earth.

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