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Word of the LORD for 5777 — 6 Comments

  1. i call my father as yhewneshnash tah sah yhwh, black weared angels have been with me many years,they told what will happend they said that hurricane andrea was only hurricane,i saw flooding in colorado and utah one year earlier, there was much but when katla will erupt in december then everything is fine


    son of man

  2. yewah neshnas tah wash as i call my father fom enoch,

    yoy will have odd year 2017 as hebryis call it 5777

    aswanash alehin


  3. We just had this in bible study, “Proper alignment ” Thankful to know how many of God is giving us what The Lord has downloaded to him to feed us. “5777”

  4. Dear Sister,

    I read your post on Elijah List then was looking up the meaning of 5777 to study and this came up. Coincidence? Not in God’s Kingdom. Thank you for sharing these words that are confirming many things I have been preaching and sharing. Bless you.
    Pastor Michele

  5. Shalom Phyllis- Our Father has a heavy hand on you and yours for His Glory. What you share is not easy for most ears, however, truth… His Truth. You go girl!! Shall meet up w/you soon. BTW… He speaks to me, He told me in the Spring 2016- “the 7 years have begun” my first thought, would He not tell His friends His plans. The more I study His Word/Ways the less I think of myself, have been baptized in His fire for years, yet undone and unclean, as his servant Isaiah spoke His word. Much love to you… v

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