Word of the Lord for My Global Church for 2016


As your loving Heavenly Father, I do not want to destroy people’s lives.  I wants to save them.  It is not My desire that any perish, but that all men come to repentance.

Here is what I AM saying for the House of God on a worldwide level.  The Judgement of God is going to manifest swiftly, with ever increasing intensity, each month throughout 2016.

For I the Lord say, you will begin to dismantle the man-made patterns and practices in My house world-wide that do not line up with My patterns and blueprints from heaven.

It is time to do My work, My way.  It is time to fast and pray and seek My face, that I may show the Church My way of doing church, with My heart and My mind.

One of the things I AM going to deal with strongly, is the clergy laity system.  it is demonically inspired and denies the priesthood of the believers.

I AM going to deal strongly with the merchandising, manipulation and control systems operating in My house.

Through many of the pastors and leaders and five-fold ministry, I say unto you, leaders, those who are taking My people captive and treating them like slaves, those who are your employees; you, who are using My people to build your own kingdoms and not establishing mine, says the Lord: Repent while you can, or I will withdraw my anointing from you and you will be given over to become workers of iniquity.

I do not desire to destroy you, but i will cut you off if you do not repent of lording it over My people!  I called you to be the servants of all, not the lords of all.

Your job is to equip My people, raise them up and release them into the harvest.  Not to bind them with a ball and chain as a tithe slave to fulfill your personal vision and support your lust to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Many of you televangelists are a stench in my nostrils.  Your greedy covetous lifestyles have caused the way of truth to be evilly spoken of.  The world sees your ways and mocks the Church of the living God.

I say unto you, Repent, and turn back to your first love.  The things you possess are not a good measure of your godliness, but the weight of My glory, anointing, love and power are.

You who refuse to repent, will be cut off from the backing up of heaven.  You may continue to do church, but know this, it will not be My Church or My Bride.  You will be marked and made known as the harlots that you are.

For there is a changing of the guard in year 2016, where the Sauls and the Elis of this day will be removed from the platforms and their influence will be diminished more and more, as you enter deeper into 2016.

I will remove their blessings and favor and bring forth shepherds after My heart who are the Davids and the Samuels of this day and hour.  Those who will lead My people into becoming the glorious Church that I have predestined them to be.

2016 will be the Year of the “Changing of the Guard” and for My glorious Church to begin to arise and manifest the fullness of My Glory and My Kingdom, says the Lord.  For the genuine transfer of wealth will begin to come into My House and laid at the feet of My End-Time Apostles.

They will not heap the wealth and the riches to themselves, but they will distribute it to the necessity of the saints and use it to bring in My Global harvest.

2016 is the year, I will release a greater measure of my overcoming Grace and Power.  My holy over-comers shall begin to come forth, for all of creation has been in waiting groaning waiting for you to manifest as My beloved Sons and daughters.

The end-times glory shall begin to arise upon My Bride in fullness, and for you who have wept, and travailed, and prayed, and fasted for your lost loved ones, and who have sowed in tears, you will reap in Joy, as you see your sons and daughters come in, and my Spirit poured out upon them, and upon all flesh, says the Lord


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




Word of the Lord for My Global Church for 2016 — 6 Comments

  1. I got this word to as the Lord ask what have been done to the flock entrusted to the shepherd a few days ago to publish today…

  2. HALLEUJAH! I was just praying this exact prayer just a while ago, my God! God bless you sir!