Would You Still Love Me?

Author Micheal McCroskey says,
“I am not a poet nor have I ever had an interest in writing poetry.  This is something God gave me one night that really shook my world.
Hope you enjoy! This is definitely a God inspired work.”


Would You Still Love Me?

Would you still love me,

if you could see the thoughts inside my head?

Would you still love me,

serving the God that raised the dead?

Would you still love me,

standing for the red, white, and blue?

Would you still love me,

cause I think differently than you?


Love is patient, Love is kind,

but the seeds of hate are all I find.

Love shows mercy and Love forgives,

so why am I judged for the way I live?

Love for family is hard to explain,

while Love for Country means dying in vain.

Love for Freedom caused several World wars,

but it birthed a nation where the Eagle still soars.


Would you still love me if I stand in awe,

for the freedoms I have to build a wall?

Would you still love me if I protect the right,

to take up my arms and for safety I fight?

Would you still love me if I raise my voice,

to defend the unborn who have no choice?

Would you still love me holding justice so dear,

in an evil nation governed by fear?


Would you still love me?  You have the choice,

to know my heart and hear my voice.

Love is a gift it comes from above,

it appeared here on earth in the form of a dove.

It comforts the soul and saves those who are lost,

if you ever feel hopeless just look to the Cross.

Love is here, it’s not hard to find,

just call on His Name, while there is still time!


Love is Jesus, you know His Name,

He can forgive all your sins, and rid you of shame.

Once you know Him you will see,

the World a much better place to be.

Would you still love me if I died in your place,

for the debt of sin you could never repay?

Would you still love me?


© Micheal McCroskey


Materials used by kind permission of the original author.

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