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  1. ♥♥♥ Ce message : la voix du Père, Son Esprit, le cœur ardent du Fils !
    Quel réconfort de lire et de laisser ces mots entrer au plus profond de notre âme.

    [ HKP Admin : Google Translate : “♥♥♥ This message: the voice of the Father, His Spirit, the ardent heart of the Son!
    What a comfort to read and let these words enter the depths of our soul.
    THANK YOU.” ]

  2. I want to just thank you so much June.
    It’s so good to hear these words. It feels at times as though I’m dangling out there amongst the sharks, not able to hear above the cacophonic sound in the spirit.
    The pull is fierce, but what is HE doing? And how is HE working it together for Good?
    I don’t actually need to figure that out, I simply get to rest and watch the miracle working power that gets me through another sleepless hard pressed dark night, and a glorious and beautiful Son Shiny Day.
    I’m in Awe at how He’s Truly bringing His children along side each other in Unity and Encouragement to help each other stand and keep going, and I’ve been so blessed by you June. Thank you again, and thank God for you beautiful lady. He’s making a difference through you :)

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