YESHUA Already Defeated the Forces of Darkness!


This morning, the Spirit of the LORD has been having me in combat mode against demonic spirits that are fighting against YAH’s anointed in this hour.

Special prayers are being made for those who are being viciously attacked by persons who are trying to tarnish their names and reputations.

ABBA spoke to me and said, “YESHUA has already defeated the forces of darkness. 

Just speak My Word against the words and actions of these demonic forces and Michael and his warring angels will enter the battle with you and help you to conquer these principalities, rulers of darkness and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.”

He said,  “The enemy is stirring up strife and character assassination plots against those who have been appointed to speak in this hour.”

The spirit of the Antichrist that opposes those things that are godly, is moving through the land.

He said,  “Many are being deceived and manipulated by demonic voices and are hearing satan and being made to believe that they are hearing Me.”

YAH said that we are dealing with those who have come into agreement with demonic forces that have given them a delusion, that they are powerful and indestructible, and feel that they can do and say anything, because people fear them.

He said, some are operating with a spirit of illusion to create false manifestations of supernatural power, to bring fear, so that people won’t challenge them.

They are operating in various forms of witchcraft, sending forth spells, curses and voodoo toward those who oppose their works of evil.

Today is the day that YAHWEH shall intervene as He did when Pharaoh came to destroy His people, after they had been delivered from his hand.

Because of the seriousness of touching YAH’s anointed and doing His prophets harm, there will be consequences for them lifting their hands and opening their mouths to speak curses and death against them.

The war for souls is very crucial in this hour, and the men and women assigned to bring in the harvest, cannot be hindered by these forces.

Those who come into agreement with satan’s temptations to stir them up, to persecute, to attack and to bring harm to YAH’s chosen vessels, will find themselves fighting against YAHWEH personally.

People, if I don’t know nothing else, I know that this is the hour that YAHWEH shall move and demonstrate His power and defend and fight for His people with a mighty hand.

Today I saw angels with swords, being positioned throughout the earth and I heard the voice of YAH say,  “My work of salvation and deliverance shall not be hindered in the earth.

I have sent help to those who have cried out to me, because of the Battles that are raging against them.”

He said,  “They have been fought greatly, because of what I have given their hands to do.

Many are being attacked for their stand against wickedness and evil and they have been blocked from progressing in the work of the Kingdom.  But no more will they be held back.” 

The work of YAH shall increase and come forth now, with a mighty force of power, driving back the forces of darkness.

The plots and plans of satan to gather souls will be revealed, challenged and fought by His warriors, who have been assigned to intercede against these forces of darkness.

Yes, the people shall open their mouths and slay the giants, dragons, serpents and scorpions that have been loosed by satan to war against YAH’s plan of redemption for souls in the earth.

Some are being stirred to a new place of boldness and are walking in strength, power and authority and are conquering territory for the Kingdom of YAH.

They have mounted up with wings as eagles and are fighting in the power and strength of The Almighty!

They have been stirred to war, to Battle, to fight, to overthrow, to take down and take out.

They have been commanded to uproot, tear down, pull down, destroy, to plant and build and to cry out against sin evil and iniquity throughout the land.  They have been given a charge and they are set to keep it.

They will preach the gospel, they will set the captive free, they will loose the bands of wickedness off the people, because they are consumed with obedience they are empowered with the Ruach Hakodesh of YAH and are walking in the greater works that YESHUA proclaimed we would do!

Get ready to see lives changed greatly.  There will be visitations from the presence of YAH that will melt the harden hearts and bring them to conviction.

I heard Him say to tell the men and women of YAH to Spiritually prepare, for the souls that shall come in now.  These are those who are considered the most vile, deranged, dangerous persons, but yet they shall encountered the power of YAH that shall humble them to repentance.

Get ready people, the awakening and shaking going on is to bring in a mighty harvest for the Kingdom of YAH.

Remain obedient, humble, faithful, holy and righteous before YAHWEH, because the forces of darkness that you shall encounter now, you must be spiritually equipped to handle and fight against them.

I hear to get ready to collect the spoils of the battles, for we shall be victorious in what we have been assigned to do, mounting up in the power and authority of YAH and going forth, taking territories and souls for His Kingdom!

The roll call is being made.  Will you answer when YAH calls you for active duty in His army?


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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