YOU Are Free!


You are free to run to your hiding place where He will comfort you, heal you, transform you, and take you deeper than you ever knew you could go.

are free to shrink your circle, lay old things down, and relay your boundaries.

You are free!

You don’t have to know what your next season will look like, you just need to know you have been found in Him.

You are free from false yokes.  Lay the dead things down.

Your desires are changing because He is changing you.

Things you once enjoyed, you don’t anymore.

Things you thought you wanted, you no longer desire.

Things that once seemed fruitful, now bore you.  There are many changes that have already taken place, and there are many more to come.  You are free to embrace them.

Some of you know you are not to release what He is showing you now in this season.

That’s a major shift for you, as you used to blog, post, share videos, etc. with frequency.

You are free to make this shift.  Your obedience to His timing has a much bigger purpose for a time yet to come.

It will bear much fruit in its proper season.  You are free. It’s okay.  He’s doing it.  He’s in it all.

You won’t even recognize you when He’s done.

Let it happen.  Rest in it.  He’s doing it.

You are free.  You just didn’t realize it.

My King is calling and I must answer…

“I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts,”   Psalm 119:45.


With love and hope,
~ Brian & Julie Price

Brian & Julie PriceBrian and Julie Price are prophetic warriors for the Kingdom of God with hearts burning for purity in the prophetic, a longing to see the captives set free, and a generation rise; equipped, empowered, and encouraged to walk as sons and daughters of God!
They are prophetic seers/ intercessors, with testimonies of hope and healing in their own lives from various forms of abuse and hurts, pain and mistakes, tragedy and betrayals, they’ve been forged in the fire and come forth gold for the glory of the Kingdom!
Together, Brian and Julie have a background in inner healing, deliverance and public speaking, having served in numerous ways in ministry for many years; equipping them to see people set free and launched into their destinies!
From Morgantown, WV, Brian and Julie reside with their precious son Cole, where they actively serve in their home church, Covenant Church, in Fairmont, WV.
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  1. Oh wow! That’s exactly what I’m going through right now.Halleluyah!Thanks Mr and Mrs Price.You guys are awesome!YAH bless.