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You Are the Victor — 2 Comments

  1. Wow thanks so so much Ms June! I am also a lover of the holy spirit, I have had experiences of the holy spirit during cessions of worship king of kings is the lord of lords, as a youth God has given me an oppotunity to experience in his might move and am here to share with others aswel about his goodness I love sharing with my fellow youth and emphasing mostly to worship God in truth and in spirit. thanks again for sharing may God bless you more and your miniistry Shalom

  2. I have tasted and seen the Lord is Good and His mercy endures forever! Hallelujah!! I am now experiencing in full the fruits and gifts of the spirit and it is Marvelous To All His Glory Honor and Praise! Peace Peace Shalom Shalom. And as I journey through this life, hallelujah, My prayer and promise from the Lord “He shall deliver me and you from every evil work!” Hallelujah! Glory to God Glory to God!! I love You Lord!! Thank you Ms. June!!

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