You cannot box with God!


You cannot box with God.  Put your gloves up!

This morning in prayer I saw Zion; God’s anointed!  Shut your mouth, saith the Spirit!

This morning, God spoke so dynamically to me regarding the dogs in the church!  You see, he said that all dogs are not bad, (some are house trained) but some are known to be vicious and they have large appetites!

Some have no training, and if not tamed, they can cause great harm to those around them; even their master’s house!

Some dogs even got the nerves to bite the hands that are feeding them!

I hear God saying that even a dog who is trained has a relationship with his master; unlike, some of His people!  You see, dogs can be hypocritical!  Pretending that they like you, but all the time they are waiting on there turn to attack you!

Dogs will bring bones and carry (gossip, talebearers etc.) them away!  And not only that, but some dogs will even attack the sheep; instead, of protecting them, if they are not trained properly!  Some of you have never been trained, and you need to be house broken, saith The Lord!

God told me, to tell the people that some dogs are in the body of Christ, and they have not been properly trained!  Instead of them being watchdogs of the sheep, their agenda is to destroy and to kill the sheep!  These dogs have gone and returned unto their own vomit! (Peter 2:22)  Come on help us Holy Spirit!

God is not pleased with some of these so called ‘watchmen’ (dogs)who are in the churches and on Facebook, slandering the name of other prophets and their churches!  Some folk are saying that prophets are false and they are not called by God!  Saying they are not of God, and criticizing their work in the kingdom!

These dogs have begun to infiltrate the people (church) of God in the body of Christ with all kinds of doubt (confusion) regarding the anointed vessels of God!  These dogs are fault finders, and finger pointers in the body of Christ.  Don’t you know, that no matter how you train a dog, he is susceptible to still making mistakes?  God’s people are not perfect; but they are striving to be perfect!

I came to tell you that your bark is bigger than your bite: and God is going to send a muzzle to shut your mouth in this very hour!  You have missed God, by deciding to put your mouth on God’s anointed vessels in this very hour, and there is going to be a price for doing so! (Matthew 7:6).  I hear The Lord saying, what gives you the right to destroy what God has planted?  Who told you that God’s anointed, was of the seed of Jezebel?  I hear the spirit of God saying that some of you have gone as far as to call people not saved (devils, false prophets, and false teachers etc); who are saved, slandering there holy names!  I hear God saying, Zion; what is the matter with Zion this morning?

Leaving the church in the burden of the valley of vision, (you see these dogs (lying teachers/prophets etc.) have a distorted vision; they missed God a long time ago), what aileth thee now, that thou art wholly gone up to the housetops?  Thou that art full of stirs, a tumultuous city, joyous city: thy slain men are not slain with the sword, nor dead in battle. (you see you can not slay what God has not killed) all thy rulers are fled together, they are bound by the archers: all that are found in thee are bound together, (God is saying to Zion come out of Babylon) which have fled from far.  Therefore said I, look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people.  For it is a day of trouble, and of treading down, and of perplexity by The Lord God of hosts in the valley of vision, breaking down the walls, and of crying to the mountains, (Isaiah 22:1-5).

God said, to tell the people that His heart weeps because of the lies of the false teachers and the false prophets (dogs) among His people, who were once apart of the Kingdom of God, but have fallen because of sin!  They have gone into the housetops to publish lies (barking like dogs; bringing and carrying bones from house to house) to the people of God, the people of God watch with joy while they try to kill the people of God (the true prophets etc) whom God has not anointed them to kill!   Zion o’ Zion; what is the matter with you Zion?  Can you not rightfully discern the true from the false?  The dogs (prophets etc.) are barking and they have no reason to bark!  They howl all night keeping the people of God awake and there is no robber or thief breaking in to steal or to rob God’s people!  But, I hear God saying on today: will you kill and bite the hand (the holy) that feed you?

I hear God saying that unless the church be watchful unto prayer: you will be killing the hand that he has sent to feed you in this season!  Just as Joseph brothers did when they became angry and jealous (greedy dogs) of him and threw him in the pit!

I hear God saying that those dogs that have lied and fooled the people of God will be punished; they shall be beaten, not with just a few stripes, but with many stripes on to day!  He said, “the sons also of them that afflicted thee (the true watchman/watchdogs) shall come bending unto thee; and all they that despised thee shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet; and they shall call thee, the city of The Lord, the Zion of the holy one of Israel,  (Isaiah 60:14)   I hear the spirit saying, “hush-up!” check your discernment!  You might just be killing prey that God did not anoint you to kill!

For, I hear God saying that some watch dogs (watchman), I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, thou [art] My people, (Isaiah 51:16).  When God placed the shoulders on your body in it’s rightful place he meant for them to not just sit there but he placed them there for a reason and what he has done was there not just a cause for him doing it?

He said He place them there (the sent ones) to bear responsibility!  Just as it was did for Christ Jesus; for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder.  For, whom much is given much is required!  The spirit of God is saying that you can not stop what God has released; but you (dogs) on the other hand are going to be punished for going into your masters house and casting your pearls before swine!

Now, shut your mouth before God places a muzzle on it for you!


~ Apostle Geraldine Fisher

Prophetess Geraldine FisherApostle Geraldine Fisher has a World-Wide-Social Media Net-Work Ministry. Saved for over 30-years, as a Missionary, God moved her into the Office of a Prophet and continues to revealed to her the qualities of a True prophet: humility, humiliation, love others and intercede in prayer as she keeps her own life clean to accurately hear from God. God revealed True prophets draw believers to Christ; NOT wanting or seeking self praise, as the work is about God, not SELF. Since hearing the audible voice of God calling her into prophetic ministry, she has been on this journey, called to intercede and to pray on behalf of others in the ministry as God speaks to her, instructing, directing and dropping a prophetic word for her, to give to others. To prepare her for her prophetic call, God promised He would bringing her to sit and to learn before great men, all of which He did!


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