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  1. I trust the prophets,Kim Clement,Hank Kunneman and others who have said two terms for President Trump. America has cried out to heaven,as the prophets have said and America will stand until God says it is time.

  2. America must front consequences for the current times..!
    78% called Patriots (falsely names) rejected ABBA.
    White House members were a CHAOS to ABBA, that never was fronted up; according with ♥♥♥FATHER ABBA WRITTEN LAWS♥♥♥, having so many atrocious conducts, that ZATAN took advantage of such promiscuous affairs.
    Today, all shall SUBMIT for all the abominations results, specially for those who opened falsely their mouth of CURSES against AMERICA..!


    PS 31

    ZC 1

    GN 1

    JN 14



  3. AMÉN, AMÉN,AMÉN for such crystal coming truthful matters, hidden by the loser’s as well manufactured by the rotten false winners.
    When ABBA determine the balance results in current “COURTS IN HEAVEN” will expose the realities from looser, specially non of them and U.S.A. constitution by all of ♥♥♥HIS WRITTEN LAWS♥♥♥ weren’t Obeyed at all.
    We shall FAITH followers search to see who caused the current debacle in U.S.A. and Earth. ♥♥♥HE WILL TELL YOU & TEACH THE TRUTH, if You ASK HIM♥♥♥. Not science need it, as all had been written since ♥♥♥ABBA♥♥♥ CREATION.

    The false pretender winners, will fall as by all their actions today.
    March 2022 ABBA will dictate the rules in HEAVEN..!



    LK 1

    2 TI 1

    RO 6

    GL 2

    TH 5

    JR 29

    LV 20

    JMS 2

    PHP 4

    EPH 4 & 5

    2 CO 6

    I CO 5

    RO 8 to 12

    AC 2

    JN 9 to 16

    LK 6

    MT 22 to 27

    MT 7

    MI 6

    ML 3

    EZ 23 to 25

    IS 33 to 41

    PR 1 to 31


  4. You almost flatter the shadow government with the ability to orchestrate the convoluted plan of first reinstating President Trump, but only for a short period, before which, I quote, ” he will be removed by planned destruction.”

    I do not underestimate the power of he shadow government, but do know that it was unable to prevent President Donald Trump from being inaugurated in 2017, nor were any of the plans for his assassination during his first term successful.  I see the hand of God in all this.

    This makes me to believe that if the shadow government should indeed succeed in executing the nefarious plans that you claim, it will only because the Lord will have changed His mind by removing His hand.  I do not believe this is going to happen, because the calling of Donald Trump is about more than just America – whether its destiny is to be made great again or to be utterly destroyed – but, as a Cyrus, for many other countries. The Lord also hears the cries of the unborn in America and of the children being trafficked, and He is not going to allow some deep state demons destroy His chosen instrument.

    • I do agree with you.  This also lines up with many of the prophets about God’s purposes for the nations to reap the harvest. His purposes are redemptive.  The tide is turning, many are praying.  Amen!

    • Hi Sue,

      No I do not have a facebook or You Tube channel.  I have never felt called to do so, although I do post the Lord’s Words on other sites.

      Blessings to you and yours.


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