You shall bring forth in this hour


Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection and the life.  If you believe in me, even though you were dead yet shall YE LIVE.  There are many out there, whom the Lord has visited in dreams and visions concerning the future of things to come forth in the land, and in your own personal lives.  I am sent to tell you, no matter how long you have been waiting,  no matter how dead the dream or vision looks to you in the natural realm, every single thing He spoke to you and showed you, shall come to pass even as He spoke it.

Even if it looks dead to you right now, just remember the words of Jesus.  “I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE:  IF YE BELIEVE IN ME EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE DEAD….YET SHALL YE LIVE!”

This is the hour in which these things shall be fulfilled.  We are not dead yet.  We are still in the race.  KEEP BELIEVING!  Ye shall bring forth!  This is the 11th hour.  The last hour before midnight.  This gospel shall go forth in this last hour by those who have the message of the hour we are in.  The BRIDEGROOM himself comes at midnight.  Glory to God!  But JOY cometh in the morning.  I feel the real HOLY GHOST.

I had a dream a few years back while preaching at this little church on Thursday nights.  In this dream, I saw myself preaching, pregnant.  I was huge… just like I was ready to pop open.  I had the microphone in my hand preaching this very message with power and authority.  I was preaching to a group of women who were also just as much as pregnant as I was.  In fact, they were so big they were miserably uncomfortable and could not even find a comfortable way to sit on those benches.  They were in pain.  They were squirming from side to side.  I saw their discomfort and even though I was in great discomfort and pregnant also.  I was telling them just hold on you are in your last hour – you will bring forth and birth it!

Praise His high and holy name.  He is the author and the finisher.  He started this good work in us and HE WILL finish it.  No if, and’s, or’s, or but’s about it.  HE CANNOT LIE.  I BELIEVE GOD… IT SHALL BE EVEN AS IT WAS SPOKE N UNTO ME.  These are the famous words of the apostle Paul when he lost everything he owned on that ship that was wrecked, but the devil could not take his life.  WHY?  Because he was DESTINED TO FULFILL HIS GREAT PURPOSE, he was destined for greatness.  He just held on to the BROKEN pieces of the ship and made it to a small island called Malta, (a place of honey).  Then on into his final destination ROME, where he did appeal the gospel before Caesar.

I tell you we shall bring forth as the women in Revelations 12 . It CANNOT BE STOPPED!

Keep travailing even though you are in pain for YE SHALL BRING FORTH.  Take that word up your pipe DEVIL and smoke it!  Be encouraged and know it shall come to past even as he told you. God bless you all.


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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