You Soul Needs Rest!


When you experience a severe trauma or soul wound, you need to run to His still waters and allow Him to restore your soul.

If it takes a day, a week, or a year, you need to do it.  Even if you aren’t healing from a wound, but have gotten caught up with the cares of this life, you need to do it.

Even as healthy maintenance for “the whole” that is you, you need to it!  You are spirit, soul, and body!

You need to care for them all!  His yoke is easy. His burden is light.  In the rest of His nest, you will find healing and wholeness, renewal and life.

There’s no better place than abiding under the shadow of His wings.  We have been in a time of rest for almost six months now and it has been amazing.

I am led to share this, this morning as I feel some of you need to hear it.

Stop striving.  Start resting.  Wait for your moment.

He will bring it to you.  What you build in the flesh you have to maintain in the flesh.

It’s not sustainable.  Enter His rest and allow Him to build and rebuild you by His Spirit. Make changes where He asks you to.

You may need to change jobs, churches, locations, etc. BE BRAVE. BE OBEDIENT!

What does rest for your soul look like to you?  Ask Holy Spirit and partner with Him in experiencing rest and renewal for your soul.

For us this has looked like many things.  We have immersed ourselves deeply into the Word of God daily.

We “check out” of the duties of everyday life frequently and do spontaneous things; even if it’s just going out to eat somewhere.

We have eliminated toxic people, places, and things.  We have allowed God to transplant us and connect us to a church regionally that we dearly love and can’t wait to partner more with.

We know we are where God wants us.  We aren’t on social media much anymore.

WE DARE YOU TO DO THIS.  How absolutely freeing this is!  Stop living on Facebook!

We took in way too much, with all the following and reading of posts and words etc, be it good and true or not, and it was DRAINING!

We had no idea how much so.  Not just draining, but influencing our thoughts much more than we realized until we broke away more from it.

We shrunk our inner circle greatly at the Lord’s leading.  There are a precious few He allows us to receive from right now and it has blessed us immensely to obey His leading in all of this.

We feel our souls being cleaned out, unclogged, and purified.  It feels so good.  You won’t realize how bad you needed this until you do it.

WE DARE YOU TO TRY THIS.  The rest that many of you are longing for will require adjustments to your life.

You have to be willing to make them; big or small.  Don’t worry about your destiny.

God’s got it and you will find it as you obey His voice.  It’s much easier to hear the whispers of His heart in the quietness of your soul.


With love and hope,
~ Brian & Julie Price

Brian & Julie PriceBrian and Julie Price are prophetic warriors for the Kingdom of God with hearts burning for purity in the prophetic, a longing to see the captives set free, and a generation rise; equipped, empowered, and encouraged to walk as sons and daughters of God!
They are prophetic seers/ intercessors, with testimonies of hope and healing in their own lives from various forms of abuse and hurts, pain and mistakes, tragedy and betrayals, they’ve been forged in the fire and come forth gold for the glory of the Kingdom!
Together, Brian and Julie have a background in inner healing, deliverance and public speaking, having served in numerous ways in ministry for many years; equipping them to see people set free and launched into their destinies!
From Morgantown, WV, Brian and Julie reside with their precious son Cole, where they actively serve in their home church, Covenant Church, in Fairmont, WV.
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