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You Want Rest — You Shall Have it — 12 Comments

  1. Ohhhhh, may I join you please? 


    BLESSED are those who speak His truth and walk in humility.  For GOD will honor them greatly!

    Shelley, so glad you’re here, precious One of the LORD!!!

    BLESSINGS to you! Bev

    • Thank you Bev. All of you are so very special to the heart of the Father and to mine!
      The Lord has done such beautiful chords of Unity on this site! He alone is worthy to be praised!
      Hugs dear one. God bless you

  2. Yes Abbah Father my soul long for your rest & peace. Thank you Jesus for granting me your Peace. Mama Joyce, I pray God grant you, family, friends & ministry the peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding in Jesus name. Amen

    • Adams, I pray God use you mightily right where you are planted. Also,the God of all comfort give you extraordinary peace through His son, Jesus Christ. Thank you and I surely receive your blessing. You are a blessing.

      • Mama Joyce, know that your sacrifice of love will not go unrewarded by our heavenly Father. You are a burden carrier. The Lord sees your many secret tears for many of us. May HE whom you fool sheepishly strengthen , direct & increase Your anointing for His kingdom purpose Amen! I sincerely thank you for your prayers for me always! God bless you & all that concerns you Mama in Jesus name.

        • Oh wow, Adams I thought till just this moment, I had read all the comments!! Surely God gets All the glory for the post He laid on my heart yesterday morning to post!

  3. God bless you, Joyce. Hope is a lifeline between “two worlds”. Thank you for not stripping the hope away as one of those “worlds” is fading away.

    • Ahh Karrie… it is the Fathers heart to always give and leave us with hope. Without it I would be so afraid. Still as we love, trust and wait on Him we gonna make it!

      Guess what as we cross the finish line it is going be with much Victory! Meet you on the other side. what a day of rejoicing that will be.
      Thank you. God bless

      • ahhhh,

        you wrote,

        “Come and Dine!

        Love you I do My People. Follow on and bring some other weary travelers with you. For I have appointed you for this day and time as you know it. I will see you through. I will give you Rest, My beloved.”

        Blessings of the JOY of His very heart!
        And the FELLOWSHIP of HIS LOVE!!!

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