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You Will Testify! — 2 Comments

  1. Praise God!Amen, Sister Syretta Thomas! I stand in total agreement, for God is married to the backslider. I always feel led to pray for the unsaved, lukewarm and prodigals. I can appreciate this message, Word and post, because I can remember when I backslid, nobody really reached out to me, but passing judgment.

    But Jesus Christ, never left me, the Holy Spirit cleaned me up, by the holy Fire and holy flames, burning those sinful weights, chains and shackles, purified me from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet, because I could feel that someone or a few righteous saints were lifting my name in prayer and now the Lord God is blessing me spiritually, to help free someone else who may be in a backslidden state, to love them in sincere prayer. God bless your heart of compassion and love of Jesus Christ, for sharing such powerful words, because there are many who need to read this post, who feels abandoned, rejected and not loved. Love you Sister Syretta Thomas! May the Lord continue using you in a divine and might way, all for the Glory of God.♥️

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