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You will Walk as many did in the Days of Old — 1 Comment

  1. I found a new longing in my heart to just sit between Father and Jesus like child. Just resting and sitting in His presence with His Spirit in me. Feeling safe and secure and at rest…even though it seems as if i am leaning against Father’s cloak at times…
    I also find myself at Jesus’ feet as my Lord that took me in to love me and accept me as His bride.
    I am aware that I have my Abba and also my Lord and then His Spirit and His all i all in me, Who will be with me and stick with me whenever I need to stand up and step out to carry on with things needed Ii this life. He revealed to me that I ve what is needed..His Spirit and that i just need to stay and live and abide from His Spirit…especially when the evil forces want to disturb me and test and trail and pressure me to act from the flesh…i need to be watchful and stay in His Spirit…but if i ve acted from the flesh i need to know that every day….many times during a new day…we are challenged by the enemy but that it is tests for us to better and to become stronger in the Spirit.
    Pray pray…it makes us stronger to stay in Spirit and to resist temptation to act from flesh when challenged.  Jesus asked…cant you even pray one hour with Me? Pray so you wont fall for temptation cause the Spirit is strong but not the flesh. But fear not…He in you is stronger than those in the world. Abide in Me. Tonight i had a new melody…and in my spirit I saw Him and His people dancing on tamporines and the words that came with the melody in my spirit was: “Come, dance with Me. Hey! Come! Lets dance.etc.” i just danced in the spirit with Him and enjoyed it along with the others and Him and I loved the melody and sound and the liberty and joy and freedom. Nothing hindering and nothing holding back. Amen. Pure joy peace and laughter and feeling of belonging and care free ness…nothing evil. Nothing to fear or be aware of or to look out for…care free ness to enjoy dancing with Him! Amen!

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