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  1. The new testament era which Jesus Christ secured by defeating all the power of our enemy. In Eden man was instructed by his creator to subdue and have dominion over all the earth but lacked the understanding of evil something you must experience God cannot teach you , the advantage to this is freewill you get to choose for yourself this puts in in the God class of being. The problem in subduing and having dominion over all the earth is we lacked the power to overcome the power of the enemy because sin is attractive to the human nature the flesh. Again this problem was fixed by Jesus Christ we do not have to be enslaved by sin any longer notice Hebrews 11 speaks of all the old testament believer who were looking forward to the day Jesus would come and deliver us from all the power of the enemy, we are now living in that day and we hear Christian who want to escape the evil in the earth we hear Christian talk of lack in the earth as if God did not put all the necessary supply in the earth when He built it. We talk like Jesus did not come and destroy all the power of the enemy and are ready give the earth to the lying devil and his minions talking like Jesus conquest was for nothing it is time to wake up folks God is going to get a harvest out of planet earth we will subdue it an have dominion over this planet it is the word of the Lord the destiny of His bride Let it be on earth as it is in Heaven

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