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Your Day for Divine Reversal — 6 Comments

  1. Good beautiful morning Dana.
    On meditating and praying into this Word this morning, my attention fell upon the verse in 2nd Kings where Elisha went out and put the Salt into the SOURCE of the Water, and not the actual water itself.
    Father please cover the vessels today that have been waiting patiently, as we wait please grow us in Your Strength and the awareness of Your Love for us. Many are facing a fierce mob of Your wounded and deceived children, so please strengthen our focus, and continue to remind us Holy Spirit, that this Battle is NOT flesh and blood, lest we fall into bitterness and offense.
    Thank You Father for Vision, please give us Your Eyes to see and Ears to hear, Your Mind to know and Your Heart to understand.

  2. Heel mooi , dit raakt mijn, de doorbraak komt, ik en mijn huis zullen de Heer dienen.

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Very beautiful, this touches me, the breakthrough comes, me and my house will serve the Lord.” ]

  3. Hallelujah! God is good. We were just studying the spring of Elisha and googled it. Today the spring is gushing about 1200 gallons a minute of wonderful water, teeming with fish and providing water for an incredible oasis with crops and trees growing. Amazing miracle of God!

  4. I receive this Word today as well Dana, on behalf of myself and all of my brothers and sisters in Him who’ve remained steadfast in the Storm!!
    Father, I ask You today to please confirm this Word for Your Righteous Elect who’ve been standing on Your Promises in the Land of Shadows, waiting patiently for You to act. Thank You Lord.

    God bless you beautiful lady!! :D

  5. Thank you so much, this was for me! The exact words “divine reversal” that I have been praying for, and on the the exact date. God is so good.

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