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Your Sins & Iniquities I Remember No More — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Father! The fulfillment of your promises in our lives is not dependent on our ability to obey You, but upon the finished work of Christ at Calvary. Blessed be your Holy name forever!

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your forgiveness
    The Lord Jesus told me to share this with you. It is a part of my testimony in the Danish Aglow no. 58 in 1999. I am born and raised up and lived in Uummannaq till 2008.
    One evening I sat in our living room and wondered what happened in the spiritual realm right here in Uummannaq. Suddenly I was overwhelmed of thankfulness toward God for His nearness. He was present and I got very unhappy about my sins. I asked God how He could still love me so, as I had sinned much in a very long time.
    I was now in the spiritual realm. I was on my knees because His presence was so awesome and I felt deep respect. I took a handful moist sand in my hands, showed the sand to God and explained that I had sinned as much as the sand in my hands. Gradually, as the sand dried, it fell out of my hands. God explained to me that like that my sins were forgiven.
    I went on, and I asked God, “What if I, in the spiritual, lived in Sahara”? He explained to me, that I am not supposed to dig myself in the sand, but tread on it, because it is so, that what the enemy says is not relevant, but I was to tread on the sand and follow Jesus.
    Feeling deeply guilty, I went on, “But, I have not only sinned a lot, I have sinned for many years”. God was very patient with me and explained to me, that even if I travelled the whole world and found every beach on earth and showed Him the sand that way, He would do the same again and again: the sand would dry and fall out of my hands, because that what He says is much more important that what the enemy says.
    Then He said, “Stand up and look around” (I stood in the same spot that the leader of the church in Ilulissat had prayed for Uummannaq) He said, “I bless all that your eyes reaches” I now did all my best to look around and reach as far as possible to spread the blessing as much as possible. I saw my father on earth walking on his crutches toward me, (he had been hid by a car and broke his hips so he had to walk that way since then) and he threw them off and walked without them.
    The vision stops here. I was overwhelmed of gratefulness and humility of this vision.  God bless every one with faith, good repentance, salvation, healing, security, increase, blessing in Jesus name. Lucia Ludvigsen

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