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Your Trail of Tears Is Becoming a Harvest of Joy — 2 Comments

  1. Wanted to tell you yesterday when I saw this message, how this happened here ! Here now a short testimony: Maybe you remember I had a tearful prayer outcry to The Lord 4 weeks ago. An old lady was not good to me, carefully said… Meanwhile she said with tears “You are the best. You have helped me. You brought me rest and you are doing only good to me. You are so very loving and caring.” We were walking together with tears yesterday in the cold. She had to move during this week in her 87th year and was very sad during the walk in that new area . She apologized and when her tears came down, I just had some tears shed, too. I am convinced I can share this public, though I am not allowed to speak about “my” GOD during duty on job. I told her, I surely forgive her. And added, that JESUS CHRIST said, no one on this planet is without guilt. She was so happy and listening. No more dementia in her voice and behaviour, just real and true words she was able to speak. My job was in danger through heavy betrayal, disrespect from co-workers etc. My boss had a shift work today with me. He said, I should be more secure for my good work !! He even thanked for my good work . I could not hold a few tears back because of his good words. Later my son visited me at work, a real surprise, it was his very first day he drove a car without driving teacher or mom. He rented a Tesla for the weekend, one of a young man’s dreams… and so he had the chance to meet my boss. My son talked very friendly to him. The boss was amazed what a well educated and beautiful son I have. It was a big breakthrough, it was a joy, a blessing. Yes, sister, some turnarounds are happening, and I want to thank you all for your prayers and comfort !

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