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Your Valley of Decision — 3 Comments

  1. This Word hits home with me June.
    I literally heard the enemy speaking to the Lord that I needed to choose.
    And Jesus knew I’d choose Him.
    Ever since I’ve been partnering with His Spirit as He’s been bringing to completion in my life the total destruction and annihilation of the works of the devil, and delivering me completely from the evil one.
    There are many in the Valley. We can choose the temporary pleasures of sins and deception and perversion, (leading to death), or we can choose the eternal bliss of a Center-out, Infused, Reconciled relationship with the One who is Love.
    I’m not gonna lie, the removal of the strongholds and fortresses Satan’s had in my life has been hard, and the persecution painful. But my eyes are on the One Who, in the process, has become my Prize, my Reward.
    And those Rewards are Eternal…not temporary!! :)
    God bless you beautiful lady!!:)

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