2015: A Momentous Year of Greatness and Great Kingdom Impact


Today is December 13, 2014 and this word is a continuation of the word that the Lord gave to me entitled: “2015: A Year of Newness, Revival and Spiritual Awakening“.  Through these, God will do great things and impact the world through the body of Christ in an unprecedented and momentous way!

This is a year of greatness and great impact for the body of Christ and the body of Christ will be ushered to the forefront and make a great impact upon the nations of the world.  Also, this great move of god is a result and important part of the spiritual awakening and revivals that will “impact” the world in a grand and momentous way!  Many who have been chosen by God will be bought to the forefront from behind the scenes while many current mega ministries will be diminished and some will even be completely removed by the hand of God.  The sole reason for this is that God’s plan for impacting the world is about building his kingdom agenda and not man building his own personal agenda.

The Kingdom of God will be greatly impacted in this year of 2015 and will prove to be a year of greatness for the body of Christ as many great changes will be seen on many major scales and on many different levels!  The year will bring about great kingdom impact not only for the body of Christ, but for the world at large.  There will be abrupt changes, shifts, and moves not only in personal lives but on world wide scales.  Many of god’s promises will be fulfilled and manifest in this year.  Many will be positioned and promoted in various places that will have great kingdom impact that will further God’s plan for the kingdom.

God will release finances to many to put forth the visions, plans, and agendas for ministry that will be put into place by God.  Many will find themselves going from one elevation to another.  And not only will the impact of ministry be for or just seen in church buildings or settings, but some will even be placed in different and new jobs and careers, media, government, out reach ministries, entertainment, medical and various other sectors and places as part of God’s plan for the body of Christ.

Yes, 2015 is the year of “greatness and great impact” and the world will definitely and undeniably feel, hear, sense, and see the effects from the body of Christ as it comes forth onto the scene, and as the plans and the kingdom of god is established within the earth!!!!! The entire world will recognize the one and true living God!


Unprecedented: uhn-pres-i-den-tid:  Never done or known before.
Momentous: moh-men-tuh s:  (of a decision, event, or change) of great importance or significance, especially in its bearing on the future.Far-reaching, impactful, earth-shattering

Part 1:   2015: A Year of Newness, Revival and Spiritual Awakening


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine ColemanGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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