2016 – At a Glimpse


A Word for 2016

We are approaching the end of the Shemitah year which should raise the spiritual sense of the body of Christ.  I encourage you to research Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s explanation and dissection of the Shemitah year.  Just as he warns the church of economic calamity and war in the Middle East, so do I.


Biblically, Shemitah has to the with the Sabbath Year, which follows the reoccurring seven-year biblical cycle.  Since we are in a Shemitah year, we must look to the book of Exodus and Leviticus.  During Shemitah years in the bible, there was supposed to be no working of the land and all the debts were to be wiped clean.  Overall, Shemitah was intended to be a blessing to God’s people until Israel turned their back on God – then it became a sign of judgement on the nation.

The Shemitah year began September 2015 and will conclude in September 2016.  Here are a few reminders of the signs of Shemitah that happened this year:

  • Manifestations of Ebola (many believe this disease was made in a lab, either way, it caused many fatalities)
  • Supreme Court issue on gay marriage on national scale.
  • Russia became the strongest military power.
  • Chine became the number one economic power.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Rising racial tensions.

Often times, Christians view these conflicts in a “out of sight, out of might” mentality.  Unfortunately, this mentality is doing a huge disservice to the body of Christ.  Because these issues are not actively being proclaimed on major news outlets, it becomes another page in a textbook and not an intercessory prayer point.  This must change in the body of Christ collectively to prevail against the enemy in this coming year.

Social Media/ Movies /Music/ Games

There has been a sinister change in the darkness of movies.  Many have grown desensitized to the increase of sex, perversion, orgies, homosexuality acted out in movies, spells sung in songs, and perverse images posted on social media.  Video games are beginning to open a new dimension for its players, especially the “darker” games.  More suicides will occur because people will not be able to handle this spiritual dimension.  Entities are befriending and seducing teenagers and adults through this games and more incidents of violence will be reported because of it.

The Stand

God is not looking for lukewarm Christians to raise the standard against the enemy – the church has enough.  God is looking for the remnant, those who turn off their television sets when sex scenes are shown, those who refuse to engage in sexually perverse act, those who unapologetically believe that God ordained marriage is between a man and a woman.  Those who stand with God will receive persecution but they will obtain a crown.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:10).

As for those who walk in shade of grey, their spiritual senses will begin to weaken.  They will begin to call lusts of the flesh normal Godly desires.  They will preach hypocrisy and a false gospel over the pulpit.  They will also publicly oppose those who stand with God and proclaim the truth.

Do not fear, God will also publicly vindicate.  Due to the fact that your walk with God will resemble a light that can not be hidden (Matthew 5:13), you will stand out.  Therefore, you must be clothed in the spirit at all times.  Your character must be beyond reproach.  You must walk in holiness so that men might see the glory that will be revealed in you.  This is not the time to attempt to be socially relevant for social relevance will soon fade away.

Many people are singing, preaching, healing, prophesying to make their own name great in the earth.  They are deceived by own their inward power to be seen and superior.  They mistake God’s manifestations for his affirmation.  They are quick to declare the scriptures, yet slow to repent.  This will become more evident in this coming year for the world will not tolerate a Christians lukewarm state of being just as God does not tolerate it.

Many will expect a crown and accolades from God, and they will receive NONE for their reward was giving the moment that promoted their ministry above the work of the Holy Spirit.  Those who choose intimacy over publicity will come forth and be sustained in 2016.

This is relevant to those in ministry as well as business.  There will be no need for new gimmicks, slogans or marketing campaigns for influence for God will draw the people.  God will also sustain his people financially because the world must see how God protects his own.  Many will come to know God because of his provision that will be displayed on a national level for those who seek after him.

Transhumanism/ NWO

Words like evolution, post humanism, singularity, MK Ultra, globalism and transhumanism will be heard more in 2016.  The New World Order has already begun but the next phase of it will began in 2016.  Portals have been opened in the earth that are allowing demonic forces to penetrate.  Intercessors must partner with angels and war in the Spirit – many of you have already begun and have sensed the shift in the atmosphere.  That heaviness will increase but it will not overtake you.

In 2015, the Vatican released a statement regarding aliens being our brothers and sisters.  In 2016, this lie will be further developed.  These are not like aliens we have been shown on “ET”; these are fallen angels with power to deceive.  Many warlocks and people in power have already made deals with these entities and these deals will be exposed by the body of Christ through social media.  More abductions (aka ‘alien abductions’) will happen in 2016 for they are planning some sort of bio-genetic warfare.  They have already created hybrid beings, but they have been experimenting with humans and labeling them “enhanced” or H plus humans.

The transhumanists who fund these projects oppose religion and God.  They will begin to enforce these humans very bluntly to carry out their agenda.  It’s important to hold fast to the truths of God’s word for many events will happen that will cause many to rethink basic biblical truths.  Only those who have strong roots in God will withstand the coming deception, others will fall away.

Dates/ Mates/ Babies

This year will be a great year for many of the saints of God.  Many prophets steer away from prophesying about “dates, mates, and babies”, but I’m confident in what God has shown me and that what he showed me will come to pass.

Engagements and marriages will happen suddenly.  These marriage partnerships are pivotal to the edification of the Kingdom of God.  Many younger women will find themselves betrothed to significantly older men because of their desire for security.  Women who have remained pure for their husbands will see the benefits of waiting through the stability and foundation of their marriages.

Many men will be given raises on their jobs that they did not expect.  This will be God’s way of confirming that the men are ready to be “providers”.

Immediate and unexpected pregnancies from these marriages will occur during this Shemitah year for these children will be “Caleb’s”.  Remember, these relationships are pivotal to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, but many of these marriages consist of lawyers, social workers, entrepreneurs, and business managers – not necessarily clerical members.


Revival is about to sweep the United States.  People will come to know the true and living God.  Miracles will be documented and people will follow Christ because of this.  Yes, we are in the end times, but remember that in the end, Jesus wins – actually, he already won!

Prophetic Word for the True Prophets of God

This is the year when the true prophets will arise and come forth.

Spiritual warfare is increasing, but many prophets are faced with the choice of being a prophet or a new age spiritualist.  Beware of pagan practices that are occurring in many houses of worships.  There are many clairvoyants who address themselves as a prophet.

Those who are seers will be able to “see” and “sense” the authenticity of a true prophet of God because God is going to sharpen your discernment of spirits.  Witches, familiar spirits, sorceress, soothsayers, diviners do not need a lock of your hair to spiritually harass you – they have social media.  Witches no longer need brooms to teleport, they use televisions, phones, tablets and Bluetooth devices as “silver cords”.  For clarity, silver cords are a mechanism that witches use to attach to its prey.  Usually it’s through astral projection and outer body experiences.  They use these mechanisms to spy and cause harm without being visibly seen.

The true prophets of God will experience spiritual attacks on this magnitude – and greater.  These attacks are arranged by the Devil himself, but carried out by those who make room for him.

Do not fear, for greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

Many false prophets will be exposed in 2016 publicly just as Aaron’s staff exposed the Pharaoh’s magicians for being “less than” and inferior to Yahweh (Exodus 7:11-13).

Be extremely cautious around friends and acquaintances in conversation.  The enemy is seeking any type of loop hole to defame the prophet.  Let your conversation be fruitful at all times.

Walk away from unfruitful chatter and do not entertain “Judas.’”  God has already shown people prophets the people who are secretly against them.  The Lord is going to begin to unveil their motives in 2016 through open visions.

2015 has been a rough year for many prophets as far as friendships and relationships, but do not get discouraged.  The Lord specifically told him that those who have harassed his prophets will be handled.

I felt the seriousness of God’s voice when he said this, so do not try to avenge yourself, God’s wrath and judgement will be sufficient.  Your prophetic voice is necessary for the body of Christ.  The temporary rejection and prejudice that you have faced in 2015 will not compare to the glory that shall be revealed in you.

For the more seasoned prophets, God is going to send you people whom you need to spiritual mentor.  Do not get ahead of yourself and take people “on” as spiritual projects for many people with familiar spirits will want to attach themselves to you like Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8.  Allow the Lord to confirm who your “Elisha” is.

Dear prophets, your relationship and purity with God will be your greatest weapon in 2016.  This will set you apart from the perpetrators.  Be wise and vigilant.  The enemy will use his spirits of manipulation, control, envy, greed, lawlessness, pride to make you spiritually weary – do not give in the enemy for he is already a defeated foe.

You have a GREATER purpose to endure this spiritual warfare.  Souls are waiting for your arrival, for that one prophetic utterance, do not forget the weight of your assignment.  Billions of people share in your weakness, but no one has your assignment. STAY FOCUSED.

There will be divine connections in 2016 with other true prophets of God.  This connection is mean to keep you emotionally healthy so that you can be spiritually strong. Be selective in your relationships, especially intimate ones.

Speak your secrets to God alone and your spouse. 2016 is the year of FOCUS for the prophets.  Many of you became annoyed and lackadaisical in 2015.  Many of you left churches and ministries in 2015 and you became isolated and grumpy.

In 2016, God will take you through a series of events that will woo you back to God’s church.  Many of you will experience love on another spiritual realm that will cause you to demonstrate that love to God’s people.

2016 will unlock doors of opportunity and ministry.  Look for God outside the pulpit.  Many prophets will begin to minister in public places and God will manifest his presence for all to see and give God glory.  The true prophets will no longer be hiding in the shadows for God is calling the prophets out of hiding.

So I say to you prophets, get your spiritual armor on for there will be major spiritual battles that we must foresee and intercede for.

Prophesy from a place of love for in love lies power.  God is with you.


~  Dee Evans

Dee EvansDee Evans  is the founder of Dee Evans Ministries International and Koinonia Training and Consulting.  She currently mentors ministers and leaders throughout the U.S.A., Africa, and Pakistan.  With a passion for training prophets and leaders for the 21st century church. Her ministry emphasizes the importance of worship, prayer, intercession, and deliverance. Chesapeake, VA.
Email: contact@thedeeevans.com

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  1. Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent GOD blessing you all forever! Elohim Elshaddai Eliymelek shama Maranatha Hoshana Shekinah Immanuel Hallelujah Shalom! Amen! Happy New Year 2016 always omnipresent with GOD!