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  1. Thanks Chris, for sharing the big picture and giving those on the wall the opportunity to step up to the plate and take their part in unifying and intercessory prayer to bring repentance and healing to the nations individually and as a whole. I have sent it out to long time loyal intercessors to come together as ONE. What an opportunity to put on the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness and lift up our hearts to the only wise God who is behind this movement of grace and mercy. Thanks so much for laying it all out.We take up our swords and fight this fight of faith and endurance. May we persevere and press into this call to arms with total committment to take back the land and see revival all over the world. We ask for the nations, we call them by name, we ask for the nations in Jesus name! I thank GOD for the privilege to be in the army of GOD! United we stand, divided we fall but He is giving a choice to one and all! Sandi

  2. Oh my brother… Thank you sir for putting this out! I went through over half of this video of Cindy Jacobs yesterday, with tears, warring and praying.
    A most precious sister on HKP had sent it to me :)
    Is it not a time like never before to see what might be offset by prayer & fasting?
    Just then as I read about Mama Bears, it bore intense personal witness to me. May we continually stand together in the 5 fold with our boots on!
    We won’t be breaking ranks for sure as we get into true unity! Blessings & prayers, Joyce M

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