A 2nd Chance…


“And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah, the second time” (Jonah 3).

I feel this note is two-fold, in that it might speak to basically two types of people.  Those who ran away; and those who did not.  There is a lot of work to do ahead of us; if you are in any way being sensitive to the Spirit, you are aware He is speaking expressly to the church.

Prophecy is being fulfilled, even as we speak; the signs are beginning to present themselves at a rate we can’t even keep up with.  If you are in tune, you know that there was a shaking prophesied, even years back now.  Already, many of us have been shaken, until there is almost nothing left; sorely tried and tested.

I want to speak to the first group; those who, for whatever reason, no longer are part of what we once called mainstream church.  Some of us failed terribly, and it’s taken God and a lot of hard work to put us back together again.  There was a restoration done that most did not want to be a part of; this new person, is not the same.  God is going to use vessels who were chosen by Him, long before most knew it.  His promise to restore the years the locust have eaten has been fulfilled in ways, that most would not believe, if it were told to them.  We’ve been completely broken and put back together again; vessels meant to be greater than ever before.  There is a love for Christ that burns, with compassion like we never thought could be.

There were many souls who left mainstream, searching for a place of more freedom.  They found places of more gentle folk, where harsh rules and the commandments of men, had been left behind.  Many flourished; but, there are those who have yet to find any place where they feel true freedom, and the depth they still desire.  I have to share this.

Many of us only thought that we left behind, judgmental and selfish spirits.  God blessed some of us.  But when we were given the chance to be in authority and leadership, we made the very same mistakes those before us made.  There was a desire for power and control; envy of those who had more gifts, grew among us until we smothered the move of the Spirit, as though we had learned nothing at all.  Some became too slack; it was the same, as too harsh.

Those who are yet in mainstream places, were promised a mighty revival and the full return of Spiritual gifts, and solid and Bible-based ministries.  The call to lay aside program and material desire, went unheeded in many places.  The reality of driving people from the church, was denied.  Many people who suppressed those gifts, remained in authority.  Most cannot say that they are as powerful or that they can demonstrate that power in the same reality as the early church.

But I was impressed yesterday, that there is a strong remnant, that has had enough.  If given the chance again, they intend to go forward this time, with everything they have; not settling for anything less.  They will be allowed to use their Gifts fully, or else.

All of us, have another chance.  Every one concerned, will either lay down their weapons of war against one another, or we will perish together.

It does not matter what group or assembly you find yourself in now.  And it does not matter if you are finding growth and peace at home; or in some cave the Lord has encased you in.  We will all, everyone one of us who have ever received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, love each other in the way we once did or the way we should have done.  Or, when Jesus Christ spits those clouds, as He will soon, we will not be going anywhere.

God is tired of what we have done to one another.  Frankly, if we do not love one another, and I mean, every one from every bush or asphalt, He does not want us; He won’t have us.  We have a 2nd chance, to bring about this end time revelation and power; to show the world who Jesus really is.  We will go out of this world together, or will stay here together.  It’s time to choose.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Awesome man of God. I enjoyed reading this, it was a blessing to me. Also, caused me to search my heart again. I want to be holy and to be found righteous without spot or wrinkle when Jesus comes back for His church. I want to hear God say “Well done my good and faithful servant enter into the joy of the Lord”