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A Call to Pray 2022 — 2 Comments

  1. May God fill your weaknesses with His strength which is perfect. May He give you, your wife, family, ministry & the team working with you DOUBLE Grace , Anointing & wisdom to break every satanic assaults/yokes in Jesus name. May God empower you to persevere & focus on the promotion that lies ahead Sir. God uphold & bless you all more & more in Jesus name.  Sir, fear not!  Be Courageous! WAKE UP AS I WAS TOLD YESTERDAY BY A CLEAR VOICE!.  ITS TIME TO PRAY MORE SIR. Happy New year to you all.

  2. In Jesus’ name, Yahweh, I thank You that with such attacks on Your son Doug, You are raising him up to greater levels of glory and anointing to be used by You in 2022 in a way You alone know how to for Your glory in the global move to prepare ourselves as the Bride for the return of the Groom. Holy Spirit, You are in the flood of these attacks, turning the bad to good as in Genesis 50:20, and Triune God, You are glorified and honored. Halleluia!! Thank You Abba; thank You Jesus; thank You Sweet Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name

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