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A Data Protection Anointing Release — 5 Comments

  1. First in present dispensation we do not see points to type lead in New Testament speak. Prophets have always spoken about new things given them by God. God has already tongues to the church. He annoints interpreters if tongues as well. So will codification be for secret interpretation or prophets to as they interpreters. Code or encryption is only beneficial for correspondence to chosen few if not for open sharing as the Gospel is today. Data coding is evolving even now, say in usage of blockchains. Here data is only immutable but public. So if God data is moved how will this be received by target hearers.

  2. God Bless you Prophet!
    Praises to God Almighty! We serve a All Powerful, All Mighty, All Consuming God! The God who first created His and our enemy.
    Psalm 91v1.. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty ( Whose power no foe can withstand)..(Amplified)

  3. Years ago I met Jesus in a vision. He was training thousands of people in one big training program and I was out in the crowd listening. He came down the center aisle and walked up to me. He handed me a 5 gallon bucket of water. I looked in it and there were all kinds of things floating in it, leaves and grass and stuff. But the water itself was perfect and pure. I took a look and then I drank it all at once like a cartoon. I was finished in a second and I looked back up at Jesus and smiled. I had all the stuff in my teeth but I still drank all the water He gave me. He looked at me and just smiled that perfect smile of love.

    He has been preparing many people for this next big move for many years. There have been a lot of things mixed into the
    message that shouldn’t be there but He is still training the willing. It’s going to be like D Day. A surprise, behind enemy lines invasion. Code Breakers were also very important during that time. They were a people who spoke an old lost language. They remembered things that had been lost. And they knew how to sort through the false language of the enemy and get to what was really being said. This is coming all over the world and God has many secret people with years of training sitting ready.

  4. In other words only those who have clean hands and a pure heart who have humbled themselves and repented will be given the codes to understand what God is saying. The enemy will no longer be able to hitch hike on people to listen into the plans of God.

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