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Prophetic Warning of Demonic Swine (Updated) — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Veronika for this powerful and timely revelation. I have began to declare and decree encryption on revelations given to me while obviously being careful who to share with. There is a scriptural backing in Matthew 7:6 regarding casting precious pearls on swines? God bless you abundantly

  2. There is so much confirmation in this Word that has been brought forth by God. God began to release a word to me about this coming season right before the new year came in. As I fasted and prayed during the transition from 2019 to 2020 (during that last week of 2019), God revealed to me the importance of being silent in this season and do not cast my pearls before swine. What He meant about being silent was to be watchful/mindful of who I speak to and around, and what I share and reveal to them that God gives me. He warned about casting our pearls before swine, as He compared it to sewing seeds into toxic soil. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and revealed that no seed can grow in toxic or tainted soil, so there can be no harvest if the seed cannot grow and bear fruit. So if we cast our pearls before swine, or sow into people, places, and things God never intended for us, we are wasting the gifts He has given us. We must always be mindful of the pearls/gems that God gives us and allow Him to direct us in how we are to use them and when we should be silent until He releases us to share His pearls of wisdom and to whom.

  3. Please pray for me this creatures I think were hindering me I love in Merced California my name is Michael foster I have supernatural gifts .my thoughts are revealed everywhere around me and Satan’s army for years has come against me and tried to deceive in opposition to my supernatural influence as long as I stay focused on Christ that’s what audibly manifests pray that my thought are only godly and that Satan doesn’t sex slander against me or humiliated me any more please pray for my anointing.to be uncontaminated

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