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A Dream for the United States of America! — 8 Comments


    Six stone pots of water
    Representing man and the judgement he deserves
    Water of the Word the letter that killeth
    Why its enough to give one a case of the nerves
    But behold the Bridegroom cometh
    With healing in His Wings
    With a vengeance to comfort those that morn
    With a bride that will arise shine and sing
    He’ll be coming by His Spirit
    On His Way to the Wedding Feast of the King
    Establishing His Throne in Mercy
    Sounding a Trumpet Wearing the Ring
    Kiss Him lest He be angry
    For an Iron Rod He will wield
    The kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our God
    The fate of those that rebelled being sealed

  2. Star Out Of Jacob

    He sought for a man amongst them

    That would stand in the gap for the land

    Lest He Pour Out His Indignation

    Establish Justice through a Wrathful Plan

    But behold the Bridegroom Cometh

    With Esther by His Side to Stand

    Establishing Justice and Righteousness by Blood and by Mercy

    For dark and sinking sand

    He’ll also call her Hadassah

    His sweet myrtle His Eternal Heart

    His Place of Rest and Comfort

    His Delight as endless ages start


    Judah stands on the hill of blessing
    Whilst Manassah replaces Dan
    The son of thunder becomes the Apostle of Love
    The Jonahs no longer decry Mercy’s Stand
    For the Bride will be Mercy Personified
    She’ll be Clothed and Possessed by His Hand
    Whose Blood Cries Out For Mercy
    For the people and the land
    For the whole of creation travaileth and groaneth
    To be in the Presence of Him
    Who Came To Save And Not Destroy
    Perfect Love That Covereth Sin

  4. I am sooo grateful to see this prophecy! There are sooo many evil forces against President Trump, my heart breaks. I love my country and this President.  I have known he is God’s chosen one to stand against these evil forces, but it is so difficult to watch.  I pray daily for him and against the evil in this land!!! This prophecy is so encouraging!

  5. That’s a great dream Veronica! One of the first things I heard in the spirit just after Donald Trumps election was the word ‘patriach’ being spoken over him.

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