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The Pieces Are Coming Together — 17 Comments

  1. It is amazing how the Father knows us and exactly where we are and what we need to hear now. Blessed be His Holy name.

  2. Thank you Lord Father, Son and Holy Spirit for your encouragement!!! I receive this awesome Word. Thank you Sandi for your beautiful heart in sharing with us all.  We needed this so much.
    Blessings to you and yours!!!

    • Dear MF, I appreciate your kind lovely words..how I do desire to carry HIS heart. SO glad you were truly enouraged with His blessed assurance that “The restoration of the broken pieces is being woven together as the perfecting of all that concerns you.” Let’s prepare our hearts and in everything give thanks as we weather this storm with love in our hearts and praise in our mouths!! The best is coming. All the best to you, Sandi

    • That is great BH! God is so good to give HOPE for tomorrow. Blessings galore for your expectant heart. Sandi Holman

  3. What a beautiful and encouraging word, Sandi. I am preparing for unexpected surprises and the restoration of broken pieces. God is good and His timing is so perfect!  Thank you for your obedience to share this word with others.

    • Dear Rorok, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share what the Father shares with me as I endeavor to continue to live for an audience of one, I am so blessed that it was an encouragement to you. Blessings, Sandi

  4. I stand in agreement with this good word from the Lord. May the church rise up and bring in the lost and broken for freedom and restoration. Amen.

  5. Thank you Sandi for this beautiful and encouraging word from The LORD. The hope He gives us and the love He holds for us take my breath away! Many blessings to you and may the LORD’s Love always guide you. Gabrielle

    • Gabrielle, So many have had their hope deferred and it is such a comfort to know HE IS OUR HOPE and His love is refreshing us to arise with Hope for Tomorrow. Love and blessings as you follow HIM. Sandi

  6. What beautiful feet on the mountains, carrying such Good News to His people, thank you!!
    I’m so very grateful for you today Sandi!!
    God bless you beautiful beautiful lady!!
    One morning during prayer He spoke to me and said, “There is no delay.” This was exciting to hear as I’ve often pondered how delay can influence a God of such impeccable timing in every intricate detail….!! :)

    • Thank you sweet Cherish, ‘Beautiful feet’ carrying good news is such a wonderful compliment. I am grateful to be a bearer of His heart and truly thankful to believe His timing is perfect! Love and blessings, Sandi

  7. This is such a beautiful word! The one part that struck me the hardest, and will make a significant difference in my life is when you said for God to be our only audience. So many times I have been concerned of how others view me. This takes a a lot off of my shoulders. I only have to impress one and that is him alone. Thank you. It goes along with what he had told me in the past. He said that people are like those mirrors you see at the fair every mirror you stand in front of you look different one might make you look fat one might make you look skinny one makes you look tall one makes you look short. he said people are this way they all see you differently, and this can be confusing because everybody’s opinion is different. He told me to view myself only by his mirror. By his mirror alone, am I to see myself.

    • Rl, L locw ‘by his mirror alone, am I to see myself’. I often think of Proverbs 7:19. As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person. THank you for you beautiful response. It surely warmed my heart. Prayers and blessings, Sandi

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