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A Land of Chaos and Barrenness — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you sis. Like the song, “This is the sound of dry bones rattling”! Thank you for this encouraging word. The Camp of God is stronger and mightier than the counterfeit enemies camp! Praise God!!

  2. AMEN!!!
    Wow Deborah, isn’t He just So So Good!!
    This morning as I finally stepped from my bed the words I wrote in my youth came back to me, and they are in the words you shared today, which seems to happen often when I read your encouragement.
    They go:
    I am who I am
    Like it or not
    Cold is cold
    And hot is hot
    Live it
    Love it
    Cherish your dreams
    For life is too short
    As long as it seems…

    Bless your beautiful heart Deborah :)

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