A Mighty Impartation From Heaven!


In this season there is a mighty impartation from heaven for maximum impact!

I heard these words this morning, “In this season, there is a mighty impartation from heaven for maximum impact.”

I believe prophetically we have entered into a time of great acceleration and many are being positioned and then propelled by a “Quickening Spirit.”  There is a new dimension of power, grace and anointing falling upon the body of Christ on this hour.

In a vision 3 days ago, I saw the spirit of strength and might beginning to move mightily amongst “Men” in particular.

In this vision, I saw many of God’s called, chosen and anointed men still hiding in the wine press of fear and confusion, disillusioned by there true identity and Kingdom purpose

I saw in the spirit many men in this hour, being ruthlessly attacked by demons of suicide and death.  Satan’s agenda and objective in this hour is to derail, disconnect, discourage, distract, and depress/oppress and kill the men of God.

But listen, God then showed me that just like Gideon, many of these men that have been attacked, and hiding from destiny, suddenly they received a powerful visitation from God.

I heard heaven shout aloud to men in this hour, “Arise mighty warrior!  Do not be afraid! Come forth, for I the LORD am with you!”

I then saw angelic beings forming an impenetrable hedge around these men.  God is posting and positioning His troops to protect and preserve these mighty warriors.

Men of God, I believe this visitation will cause a supernatural stirring and a divine shift in your lives.

I hear the spirit say, “There is an awakening wind that shall come to reignite, re-energize and reawaken your spiritual senses.  No longer will you be men who are sleep walking, but warriors who are warring and winning,” says God.

This is a season of acceleration and quickening.  I see the seed of power and potential that has laid dormant in darkness now being quickened to new life and maturity.

The very life of Christ will suddenly manifest in greater power and greater authority in the sons of God.  This is the hour of power and growth!

Prophetically, I believe this Quickening Spirit and this awakening wind will take the body of Christ to new levels of Kingdom maturity as sons.  God is now enlarging your territories, and removing the limitations.  He is extending your boundaries and increasing your measure.

I Prophesy:   The time for more, more, and more is here.  As the body of Christ increases in this season we will move forward with greater clarity and vision in God.  There is strategy and strength rising up in the midst of us, this impartation from heaven will bring forth greater impact in our churches and nations.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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