A Move in the Spirit to Recapture Hearts

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A Move in the Spirit to Recapture Hearts
Demonic Walls are Coming Down!
Sacrificial Love


A Move in the Spirit to Recapture Hearts

There is a stirring in the atmosphere on this morning.  A moving in the Spirit to recapture the heart of the people.

There is power release from heaven to touch hearts and to motivate the people to seek for the refuge of God in this hour.  So much anointing releasing an abundance of His presence upon those that are in a position of waiting for the impartation of The Lord.

The expectancy of some of the people has increased and they are desperate for this visitation that shall produce results from the hunger that is within them.  Some are in a time of isolation were they are saying come Lord Jesus come fill me with your love take me completely over give me my hearts desire which is more of you Lord and The Lord has come and has overtaken them and has consumed them with His fire.

These vessels are not shaken by anything their faith is unexplainable they can not be moved out of their place of love and trust in The Lord.  They have had a visitation of God’s Glory.  They are completely changed.  The Word of God has come alive in their life.  They are going forth strong and doing mighty exploits.  Their walk with The Lord is secure because of their knowledge of who He is!  They have obtained everlasting peace because the King of Glory has come in The Lord strong & mighty and He has shown them His power.

They walk in the full understanding that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.  They are confident that whatever they ask in His name He will do it.  They have sacrificed consecrated and dedicated the rest of their lives to doing the will & purpose of God.  They are determined to please Him and will not allow anything or anyone to deviate them from the plan of God for their lives.

They are the soldiers and warriors of God who will demonstrate the violent take it by force stand.  They will open their mouths and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and will preach and teach and live as the very example of holiness and righteousness as they are sent forth to bring salvation healing and deliverance to those in the world!!

Sinners & backsliders shall be won in this hour and many will return to their first love because these vessels will not be deterred from their Kingdom assignment!

Demonic Walls are Coming Down!

Just coming out of a praise and I heard the Spirit of The Lord say, demonic walls are coming down and multiple blessings are being released!

Now some of you are looking for financial blessings but God said you need a spiritual breakthrough.  Some of you are expecting release but you are not living the principles of His Word that causes a release.

Some are claiming a harvest without planting seeds in the ground.

Then there are those like Ruth and Naomi the enemy came in and took your blessing but God is restoring and while you are waiting on your restoration The Lord is going to allow you to glean off someone else harvest!!!

Multiple blessings meaning more than one thing is coming to pass.  Some of you He is getting ready to pay you in a lump sum!!

Remember blessings are more than money so if that is all you limit Him to then you not ready for the release that is coming now!!!  Multiple!  Multiple!  Multiple!  Blessings!!!

Sacrificial Love

First let me say this love is truly about sacrifice.

It requires the ability to become uncomfortable to make who it is aim at comfortable.

It is the actions of love that reveals the sincerity of the heart of the person it comes from.

It is never uncertain about it’s depth and commitment to the covenant it has established to another persons soul.

Now for those husbands and wives that have stood and made a covenant concerning love how dare you move out of your place of commitment because of hardship or a season of testing.  You are saying to God your choice for me is not acceptable because it doesn’t measure up to my expectations because I’m at a rough part of this commitment and I’m not willing to give my all because it’s easier to run than to warfare!

Husbands how dare you abandon your headship to take on a lower position of authority.  You stand as the God given power of the family and if you remove yourself you open your family up to attacks spiritually financially emotionally mentally and physically.

Wives how dare you withdraw your intercession from your husband and leave him vulnerable to being attack by temptation and despair and hopelessness because he doesn’t have his helpmeet conquering with him and moving from your place of authority that God has given you to be a wise woman that builds the house into a home!

I decree that satan will not cause the husbands and wives to reject their covenants and commitments toward each other and that they will not recant their declaration of love to each other!

Solomon said love is stronger than death and when the uncontaminated unhindered river of love flows from a husband and wife they will remain together fighting to maintain their position of togetherness with each other.  Love is the entwinement of two souls permanently committed in covenant to each other!!  So if you have committed to love you can’t just give that up and walk away!!!  (And I will talk about what to do concerning an abusive marriage in another post).

I can talk about it because I have lived the what not to do now God is teaching me the indepthness of marriage of the godly responsibilities of being a wife and what to expect from a godly husband.

Some of you that have only had one look down on those men and women that have lost their marriage but if some of you would had been transparent and told about the challenges of marriage the different seasons marriages go through how you walked through adultery and abuse perhaps we they have lost our marriages would not have because we would of had knowledge of some things that may occur in marriages.

Can I just say there is no perfect marriage but there can be perfect love!


Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God.  She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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