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A New Season of Enrichment & Enjoyment — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronika, for sharing these awesome prophetic words spoken on June 2,2016, for it bears witness within me. Yes, oh yes, how I to have endured, endured, many months, of isolations, loneliness, pain,suffering, during my walk, my faithfulness in God, yet it was all for a purpose, a higher calling on my life,in which I had to go through it all, to prove to God, a test, to see if I would remain faithful and true to him, and I have succeeded in accomplishing the Good Fight of Faith, and still standing, for he has sustained me through it all, and is well pleased with me, Glory to God ! I have endured the long pain of pregnancy spiritually, has not been easy, the ache within unbearable, the long overdue process of waiting, and waiting, years on end, has indeed kept me to endure, made me stronger, and Now, this word, Confirmation unto me, Yes the final stages of giving birth is Now upon me, Glory to God ! A New Beginning.
    I’m Rejoicing, Praising God, for his Goodness, to bring it All to fulfillment in my life. Thank you Jesus!!!

  2. Dear Veronika

    Just a few words to say that the word that God has shared through you has been such a blessing to me. In fact tears were my feelings after reading.  I ask please if I could be kept in prayer as I would love to know a life of fun and enjoyment as hardship and loneliness has been a close companion for over 22years of being a single mom. I would love to wake up each day with another adventure of fun, laughter, and joy something I really have no comprehension off.  Thank you Sue

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