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“Watch Wales!  Watch!  For waves of His Glory, watch!  For a greater spiritual momentum and acceleration is taking place over this nation.”

Today I heard the Spirit say, “Watch!  For waves of My Glory will begin to flow forth from the ancient wells in Wales!”

As I heard these words, I saw the hand of God begin to move in an unprecedented way across the land of Wales.  Then I saw wave after wave of His Glory begin to wash over the whole nation.

Please see a word I posted for Wales early last year, “A Now Word for the Nation of Wales.”  God has specifically highlighted the land of Wales to me in this hour.

I see a sudden megashift taking place over this nation, even in this very hour as [UK] Prime Minister Theresa May and Arlene Foster are conducting an agreement, there is a mighty spiritual shift beginning to take place over the nation.

Watch Wales!  Watch for there will be a greater momentum and acceleration taking place over the nation in the days, weeks and months to come.

A Now Word for Wales, United Kingdom

Wales, I see God bringing back His Glory in a greater measure to this land.  I see His hand uncapping the ancient wells of remembrance, revival and restoration,

I see a tidal wave of great awakening coming out of Wales and breaking forth upon the nation.

So a few nights ago I was taken back into a spirit encounter that I had a few months ago, but this time I was shown the land of Wales.

And I heard the Spirit say, “In this hour and season I AM uncapping the ancient wells of remembrance, revival and restoration in this land, and its mighty waters shall break forth upon the whole nation.

My redemptive, regenerative and resurrection power is now flowing forth as mighty river of awakening to bring to remembrance My covenant and to cause My people to return to their first love, that they may repent of their sin and turn from their wickedness.

Watch!  For a greater measure of My Glory is coming to this land, to restore, to revive, to redeem and to rebuild the ancient ruins,” says God.

Then again I saw three ancient wells that sprung up from the ground; the first well I saw was called ‘remembrance’.

And I heard the Spirit say, “Wales remember the heights from which you have fallen, and repent and do the works you did at first otherwise, or I will visit you and remove your lamp-stand from its place, unless you repent!”

Then I saw a second well and it was called ‘revival’.  Again I heard the Spirit say, “Wales, if My people, who are called by my name, humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal and revive their land.”

Then just as before, I saw a third well which came up from the ground and it was called, ‘restoration’, and the Spirit said, “Wales watch, for I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten, the cankerworm, caterpillar and the palmerworm.”

Then I Saw Three Rivers Converge

Just like in the first encounter, again I saw three rivers.  Each river flowed forth from the mouth of an ancient well.  As I continued to watch, the Holy Spirit began to show me that both prophetically and apostolically, Wales has now entered into a kairos moment in time.

This is an appointed time for Kingdom action and Kingdom advancement in the land of Wales.

I prophesy:  Wales, there will be a sudden and unprecedented move of God in the land.  it will be an outpouring of his grace and glory, heaven is kissing earth.

I declare over Wales, it is harvest time!

Then I saw in the Spirit a divine convergence taking place over Wales.  I heard these words, “The waters of great awakening are now rising, for what I AM about to do is imminent,” says God”…..!

Suddenly I felt a power surge of anointing and spiritual energy wash over me and through me.  My whole being was instantly ignited and illuminated.  Again I heard the Spirit speak, “My river of living waters now brings forth divine activation, acceleration and Kingdom advancement to the land of Wales in this hour.

The waters of awakening are rising, rising, rising in the land.  The force and power of the waters current will move, shake, shift and lift the dark spiritual atmosphere that is hovering and covering the whole nation,” says God.

Then suddenly, I saw a very large tidal wave coming out of Wales.  I saw its waters rise high into the air causing a powerful ripple effect that went forth across the whole nation.

I watched closely as wave after wave of His Glory and Power broke forth upon the land, touching all four corners of the United Kingdom.

I saw the north, the south, the east and the west of the nation being flooded and saturated by the fast flowing and fast rising waters of awakening.

Then my eyes were quickly drawn back to the land of Wales.  There I saw the finger of God begin to write upon the heart of the land, and written in gold, I saw Him write these words, “Glorious Revolution”, and immediately I began to prophesy;

“Wales, I see the birthing of a glory revolution rising up in the land.

I see a mighty army of radical reformers moving and advancing in greater power and Kingdom Authority, for the Spirit of Might and Power is now overthrowing and overturning the powers of the kingdom of darkness that has occupied the land.

It is time to reclaim and redeem what the enemy has stolen.  Wales watch!  For God is about to bring back a greater measure of His Glory to this land.

I see the power of His Glory now removing the heavy veil of darkness, division and deception that has covered the people.

I see the light and brilliance of His Glory exposing every stronghold of wickedness and work of witchcraft.

I see His Glory returning to reveal and to heal.

I see a greater and heavier mantle of anointing and authority being released over the land.

I see a golden crown being placed on the head of a king.  Wales there is a call for the body of Christ to now arise and take its rightful place in this land.  God is releasing a kingly anointing in this hour, an anointing to rule and reign.

Wales, are you ready?

I see a mighty manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles like the world and the church has never seen or experienced before.

Wales, I prophesy you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, forged in the fires of adversity you are now coming forth as pure gold.

Wales, are you ready?

For you have been chosen to become a habitation for a greater glory and you will become the catalyst for Kingdom reformation and Kingdom transformation in this nation.”

Wales, I hear the spirit say, “Wales, get ready, get ready, get ready, for the river of awakening now flows forth across the nation to resurrect and revive an army of dry bones.

For many will be swept up by the power and the momentum of My rivers current.  

My beloved Wales, lift up your eyes and see for the power of My living waters are now lifting and shifting many into their rightful place and position of true Kingdom Identity and Kingdom Authority.

Many are being raised up into the fullness and maturity of My Spirit, and the fullness and maturity of this kingdom age and the fullness and maturity of the apostolic age, and the fullness and maturity of My Glory and Power in the earth,”  says God.

I Declare and Decree;  Wales, your prayers have been like a sweet smoking incense in the nostrils of God.  The golden bowls have been filled with your tears and now His glory, power and provision will be poured out upon your land.

Now watch as His governing hand moves swiftly to rebuild, redeem and restore the ancient ruins in your towns and cities.

I Declare and Decree;  Wales, in this hour, you will arise anointed as kings to rule and to reign over the land, for you have been chosen to host and carry His light, His love and His liberty to the nations.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Veronika did you know that Arlene Foster is a Northern Irish politician who has been the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party in N.IRELAND since December 2015? She is not a leader in Wales.
    I live in Wales and your mention of Theresa May conducting an agreement with this N. IRELAND POLITICIAN seemed confused. Or were you referring to the whole nation of the United Kingdom in this small paragraph?
    Please forgive me if I misunderstood your meaning. Thank you! God bless you! Eva

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