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No King but King Jesus! — 1 Comment

  1. Wow,,,,.!!!!!! What a word.as a Christian and the descendant of former slaves, I have always had a problem with praying for America.
    The cold hard truth about my profession as a Christian came to head when Donald Trump ran for president. I just didn’t know who to vote for.
    Although I had voted Republican in the past, due to their stand on abortion, especially partial birth abortion, I just wasn’t sure about him.
    But then I ran across a episode of Hal Linsey, He stated that you must vote the Bible (or the party which closest represent it) and that you must be more Christian than your ethnicity (race) from which I was from.
    I had to figure out was I more Christian or more black. Of course Christianity won over. Despite of its history of slavery, I know that this land was birth by the almighty,and I am grateful that it introduce me to him.

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